It has been an exciting year for Boston’s innovation economy and our team here at BostInno has had a phenomenal time covering all of the interesting companies and people in our community.  We wanted to take this time to share some of our stats as BostInno has grown significantly over the course of the year. We believe these figures are a true testament to the strength and momentum of our community.

  • BostInno saw 501k unique visitors come to the site in December 2011, up from 48k from January 2011.
  • BostInno grew 14x from December 2010 to December 2011.
  • Of our total uniques in 2011, 42% visited in the past 2 months.
  • Over 1,300 users left 3,500+ comments, and over 250 users have written 1,200+ guest articles.
  • Since launching one month ago, we have 16 companies publishing to Channels on our platform, and 50+ waiting in line for Channels in 2012.

We are consuming more content than ever, spending more time with news, and can be reached at virtually any time and in any place.  Media companies that accept the open nature of the web and view the consumer as more than eyeballs that can be sold to advertisers, but as an integral part of their platform, whether through news gathering or story telling, will be the winners in defining the future of news.  At BostInno, we invite each and everyone one of you to join our platform as more than a consumer – step inside and lend your voice to the news that you consume.

We want to thank all of our readers, commenters and guest writers for lending their voice in helping us build this vibrant community.  This is only the beginning, we would like to encourage everyone to take their participation to the next level in order to help us to bolster innovation in the region – if you’re a reader please comment, if you’re a commenter please submit a guest post, and if you’re simply a regular drinker at one of our meetups, well, keep doing what you’re doing!