Image via Wahlburgers

Did you tune into Wahlburgers last night on A&E? If you’re hooked to the show starring Boston’s famous family and centering around Paul Wahlberg’s popular Hingham burger restaurant, then you likely noticed some exciting news brewing in the world of Wahlburgers. (That is, if you didn’t fall asleep.)

The episode provided a glimpse into the new location of the restaurant franchise, led in part by celebrity bros Mark and Donnie, and it looks like they’ll be setting up shop in Lynnfield, Mass. Boston Restaurant Talk reports that rumors have swirled in the past few weeks that the restaurant will be a new addition to MarketStreet Lynnfield, a shopping and dining center located off of I-95 on the North Shore, about 20 minutes outside of Boston.

Currently, the outlet is home to restaurants like Davio’s, wagamama, Legal C Bar and more, and the website lists that a FuGaKyu is on the board for a 2014 opening. A new Wahlburgers is not yet listed on the site, but we’ll stay tuned.

If you don’t get enough of a Wahlberg fix on A&E with the fam’s current timeslot, the release date for Mark Wahlberg’s new docudrama, which he produced, was announced this week. Breaking Boston will premiere on March 13, 2014, and follow four working class women trying to overcome past setbacks.

h/t Boston Restaurant Talk