thoughtbot and fair haven capital's RoR workshopDo you want to learn how to program but can’t learn by reading online tutorials?  Or are you currently a developer looking to expand your repetoire of languages?  Then it is imperative you check out thoughtbot’s Ruby on Rails Training sponsored by Fairhaven Capital.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ruby on Rails (RoR),  it is an open source web application framework for the Ruby programming language.  Basically, a ‘framework’ is a software structure that makes it easier to manage a particular programming language which in this case is Ruby, a object-oriented programming language.  Praised for it’s OR/M (or Object-relational mapping), RoR saves a ton of development time (read: development dollars) with very little setup to get going.

RoR is already incorporated in over  200,000 websites and, as you can see in this graph, its popularity is rapidly expanding, even over just the last few months.  Some organizations that use RoR include Amazon, BBC, Cisco, IMB, JP Morgan, NASA, Yahoo and Oracle (see more here).

thoughtbot, a development leader here in Boston, will be running two special training courses all about RoR.  The first, “Intro to Rails”, will be held on March 3rd and 4th and the second, “Scaling Rails”, on March 31st and April 1st.  Fairhaven Capital, the workshop’s gracious sponsor, will host the event at their offices in Cambridge.

Each training course costs $600 (which is more than a 50% discount).  If you are involved in the technical operations of your start-up or you interface with your development team regularly, jump at this opportunity.

Are you a Rails developer? What tips do you have for someone that’s just starting out?