By now you’ve heard of Warby Parker or you’ve been living under a very uncool rock. Maybe your eyeglasses just suck so much you can’t see what’s happening all around you.

What’s happening, to catch you up, is Warby Parker, the New York boutique revolutionizing the eyewear world — can you say perfectly styled specs for fractions of the industry-standard prices? — is coming to Boston, opening a brick-and-mortar Friday, May 17.

We speculated last month that the location could likely be Back Bay, and sure enough, they’ve set up shop at 83 Newbury St., perched on the second floor and looking very, very dashing.

The store is based on one of our country’s greatest institutions: the public library. “Our store is crisp, clean, and teeming with books (and, obviously, glasses). But don’t fret: no shushing here,” the company wrote in a blog post.

First and foremost, this signals a physical location where Bostonians can survey and take home the classic Warby styles they’ve likely been admiring longingly from computer screens up to this point. (Not a terrible experience, as their website is as clean and crisp as their stores.) Their offerings are diverse and distinct, all meticulously styled to leave you dapper for days and double-checking you bank account for a mistake.

All their eyeglasses and sunglasses (which are just as awesome) start at the low, low price of $95. I say that like a used car salesman for a reason: like them, what Warby offers can feel too good to be true.

For every pair sold, a pair is given to somebody in need. You really should get out from under that rock more often.

There’s more to this story than meets the eye (heyo!), too. One of Warby Parker’s co-founders, Neil Blumenthal, studied international relations at Tufts. Another co-founder, Jeff Raider, is one of the creative minds behind Harry’s, the shaving company that believes men shouldn’t have to overpay for a quality razor. (And that razors shouldn’t “disrespect your face.”)

And if you’re wondering, they’ve got a heart of gold too: For every razor bought, one is donated to charity.

As if all this isn’t enough, there’s talk (idle chitchat, perhaps), that Warby Parker has been tapped to make Google Glass look as cool as its rumored to function. Details remain scant; but unlike that rock you’ve been under, Warby Parker is undoubtedly cool, and undeniably up to the task.

All images via Collin Hughes