The Colbert Report and Daily Show drought has ended! After Viacom decided to pull its content from DirecTV and the web two weeks ago — including Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, and more networks — because of a fee dispute, the mass media company reversed its ruling regarding online streaming and gave the people what they want: John Stewart and Stephen Colbert hilarity. And last night, The Daily Show host was at his best. Take a look at The Daily Show highlights below and keep reading for more information.

The Daily Show Video Highlights:

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John Stewart didn’t restrain himself when it came to the DirecTV – Viacom dispute. But rather than pine about how both companies need to come to an agreement (so his show doesn’t lose viewers and ratings), as many hosts would do, Stewart made light of the entire debacle.

“Viacom and DirecTV what’re you doing here? You’ve got ad campaigns blaming each other for taking the shows away; telling people to ‘rise up and demand it’ like it’s some kind of basic cable Arab Sprin. I’ve got news for you: it’s not!

“None of this matters. None of this is indispensable. Do you underst – it’s TV – do you remember Oprah? Exactly? She went off the air for like three days, millions of viewers were like ‘oh no, what’re we gonna do?’ but you know what happened on day four? They went, ‘ooh, who’s this Ellen lady? …

He then mocked Viacom for it’s removal of streaming services.

“You’re pulling the shows from the internet? Viacom? What’re you, China? And, by the way, you don’t think the kids have a work-around? This morning, when I woke up, my eight year old son was watching Dark Knight Rises in 3D. … So basically, you’re blocking old people from watching the show.”

“Viacom and DirecTV are still fighting over subscription fees, so it’s unclear what prompted Viacom to change its mind about the Web ban it instituted last week, or whether it will apply to other Viacom shows as well,” writes All Things D.

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