It may be the off-season, but Tom Brady is still finding reason to celebrate a big win. At the 139th Kentucky Derby this weekend, the Patriots’ quarterback was spotted going absolutely H.A.M. after Orb won the two-minute horse race.

At Churchill Downs, Brady was spotted hanging with what Business First calls  “Orb’s connections,” looking dapper in his Southern best, donning a white suit and checkered bow tie. As Orb ran across the finish line, Brady  joined those connections in cheering, hugging and more cheering and hugging to celebrate the huge win. Check out the video below.


According to Chris B. Brown, editor of Smart Football, the Pats star put a hefty amount of money on Orb to win:


The payout for Orb to win was $12.80 for every $2 placed, which means Brady earned somewhere around $25,000 for his alleged bet.

Then again, that’s probably just pocket change to the Brady family.