The Red Sox will take on the Cardinals in the World Series, starting tonight at 8:07 p.m. in their second Fall Classic meeting of the last decade. And just before it’s too late to keep reliving the team’s American League Championship Series victory over the Tigers in six games, there is one more must-see video to savor. Coming to us courtesy of Sports Illustrated Kids, it’s the pivotal grand slams of both David Ortiz (which tied Game 2 and jumpstarted the Red Sox in the series), and Shane Victorino’s go-ahead version in Game 6 (which gave the Red Sox the lead for good in the deciding Game 6). Only now, they’re in Lego version. Sounds weird? It is, admittedly, but the Lego form is hilarious to watch.

Here are the best moments from the League Championship Series’, awesomely recreated in Legos:


Pretty silly, but impressive nonetheless. I’m curious as to how long making that sort of thing takes. And yes, Ortiz runs faster in Lego form than he ever will in real life. It should be said though: when he hits grand slams, Ortiz doesn’t have to move fast for anybody.

Also, you’ll notice the Cardinals make a cameo in the middle of the highlight, as Trevor Rosenthal’s final out against the Dodgers is shown. Get a good look, even in Lego form, the St. Louis Closer has impressive stuff on his pitches.

The Series will start tonight at Fenway, and continue tomorrow in Boston. A travel day is allotted for Friday, before the games continue in St. Louis for the middle three games. If necessary, the teams will then return to Fenway for Games 6 and 7.


Images via SI Kids and KRCRTV