For designer James Bishai, it was all about perfect timing.

The former Wentworth Industrial Design graduate student wasn’t one to wear watches on his wrist very often, but after receiving a gift from a sibling following his graduation in 2005, he started contemplating his own styles.

Soon enough, he brought those designs to real-time with his company WatchOut! Designs.

Bishai’s watches have a throwback look with a hint of the late-nineties, using bold colors and brash shapes to standout from the rest of the time-pieces slapped on peoples’ wrists.

“I have always been passionate about nostalgic types of things, like old gadgets from the eighties and video games from the nineties,” said Bishai. “I wanted to use those shapes and do things you haven’t really seen before.”

What he thought would be a “little thing” on the side, fast became a business for the young entrepreneur.

“People started getting interested as I wore them around the streets,” he said, touting the time a customer at a restaurant asked him who made a watch he was wearing.

“To be able to tell people I designed it…that is pretty exciting,” said Bishai.

His favorite, he admits, is a watch that has the imprint of a shark bite on the side of the wrist strap.

Bishai said he conjured up the idea while watching Shark Week, and just went with it.

“It’s very unique,” he said.

While he works full-time at a home décor company, Bishai said he would be spending his weekends coming up with new designs, and selling watches at the summer SoWa Open Market in Boston.

And he doesn’t plan on stopping there.

With the name of his company, WatchOut!, leaving some ambiguity to its meaning, Bishai wants to expand his brand in some form.

“It’s limitless, what I can do,” he said.

Catch WatchOut! at the SoWa Market this summer:

July 8, July 15, July 22, July 29, August 5, August 26

Here are a few of his recent designs.