Today Boston’s own, the largest online retailer of home products and furnishings, announced its predictions for this holiday season’s most popular gifts, based on sales data and shopping trends from last year.

According to a company press release from this morning:

To meet holiday demand, is offering 20,000 products through its two-day shipping program with an emphasis on popular gifts ranging from mirrors to barstools to trampolines. The company is gearing up for record sales across all categories including home decor, toys, cookware, tools and pet products. In addition to perennial holiday favorites such as dollhouses, play kitchens and bicycles, is predicting strong sales in five product categories …

In the Kids and Family category, I was predicting holiday staples such as video games, pool tables, mountain bikes, Nerf guns and Def Leppard cassettes. Apparently, I’m a bit behind the times.

According to the list, four of the top five most popular categories are trampolines, air hockey tables, kayaks and children’s recliners/gaming chairs. I’m pretty happy with the first two–Christmas morning should involve a requisite amount of danger, and launching your brother 10 feet in the air or sending a hard plastic disc careening at his knuckles seems to fit the bill. Kayaks strike me as a bit odd (unless they double as good sleds), and gaming chairs for kids I just find depressing.

But it’s popular item #4 that’s truly the most alarming. Apparently, the “trend of raising chickens in the backyard has been sweeping the country for a couple of years now” and this means that little Timmy and Susie are just dying for a shiny new chicken coop this year. Seriously, Wayfair suggests the Bedford Chicken Barn & Pen–a steal at $425. Oh, and that fancy extension? Yeah, that’s sold separately.

I’m not going to read too far into this, but a chicken coop seems like one of those gifts parents give knowing the kids will abandon it by New Year’s and it will be theirs to play with instead.

Have fun collecting eggs during a snowstorm, Dad. I’ll be dominating “Mario Cart” in my children’s recliner.

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