Boston-based and healthy living incentive company Wellable has synced up with the Clinton Foundation to announce today a Commitment to Action with the Clinton Health Matter Initiative (CHMI) to promote healthy behavioral change and wellness within the country’s most in-need communities. As part of the pairing, CHMI strategic partners will gain access to Wellable’s technology platform, which enables health plans, employers and health care professionals to leverage mobile apps to implement wellness programs.

“Wellable will play an important part in CHMI’s efforts to improve health outcomes  within our communities with this easily accessible analytical tool”, Ginny Ehrlich, CEO of CHMI, said in this morning’s release. “The availability of this innovative employee wellness technology builds upon CHMI’s work at the national level on open sourcing the how of health.”

CHMI-approved partner organizations will use Wellable’s platform to reduce the proliferation of preventable diseases, lower medical expenses and increase productivity in four CHMI-targeted communities–Coachella Valley in California, Central Arkansas, Northeast Florida and the Greater Houston area.

Wellable President Nick Patel added, “We are excited about the opportunity to bring innovative wellness technology to CHMI’s domestic health efforts. This first-of-its-kind collaboration is a major step forward for both organizations and brings us closer to our shared goal of improving the health of many Americans, especially those who suffer from chronic diseases.”

Per today’s announcement, Wellable will initially be available to the aforementioned Community Health Transformation sites (where are these mentioned?). Additionally, the company has plans to roll out its platform across CHMI’s network of over 45 organizations country-wide, including a few Fortune 100 companies.