In the pantheon of great American cities, there are few with interests as specialized as those as here in Boston.

Our haphazard accents and better-than-yours sports culture make for a colorful metropolis, brimming with activity all year round.

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year in Beantown, and it got us to thinking around the Grow Socially office, what are some of the things we are most thankful for as Bostonians?

John Farrell – 2012 shall be the year Red Sox fans do not speak of. Bobby V is gone, and the Sox landed their man – Farrell.  He’ll turn John Lackey into a Cy Young contender, right?

MBTA Goes Mobile – Riders of the commuter rail were fortunate enough to be introduced to mobile ticketing, courtesy of the MBTA. “You mean we don’t get to wait in long lines OR pay extra for buying tickets on board?” said no one.

Gronk’s Dunkin Donuts Commercials – We all know they are terrible. And yet, we can’t look away. Because even with a broken forearm, we love Gronk. A lot. And admit it, you’ve wanted to buy a bakery sandwich just so you can spike it in public. And for your viewing pleasure, here are some behind the scenes looks at his commercial shoot. Perhaps the most entertaining two and a half minutes you’ll ever take in.

Food Trucks – This one is pretty simple. Food that comes to you. This doesn’t need a whole lot of explanation. But it helps to know that Boston has four of the best food trucks in America. ‘Nuff said.

Cell Service Underground – Back in May, it was announced that by the end of the year, all underground portions of the subway would have full cell service. The year is just about over, and not once have I had service on the Green Line.

Concerts – Springsteen at Fenway, Aerosmith on Comm Ave, Kenny Chesney at Gillette, Black Keys at the Garden – the list goes on and on. The underground music scene in Boston is always bustling. A great city for music, however my cover band, “Fred Zeppelin,” has yet to get any traction. All in due time, I suppose.

Kevin Garnett – No one captured our disgust with Ray Allen’s departure better than the Big Ticket.


Here’s to wishing everyone a happy and healthy Thanksgiving, from all of us at Grow Socially. Cheers!