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2,000 nominees. 200 finalists. 50 winners. Tomorrow night we’ll celebrate them all, and crown Boston’s 50 on Fire.

But what does being “on fire” mean? After sifting through the thousands of nominations from our audience, and our panel of judges carefully reviewing each and every finalist, how are the winners selected?

Being “on fire” is a combination of the concrete and the intangible. It’s proven growth, public accolades, and hard metrics of kicking ass mixed with creativity, bravery, and presence. The best way to put it is you are changing Boston for the better in ways which simply can’t be ignored.

What makes the 50 on Fire is inspired innovation, created by change makers whose accomplishments truly speak for themselves. To fully fathom what it means to be “on fire,” take a look at last winter’s 50 on Fire champs.

The 50 on Fire are larger than life. Whether they are 23 or 83, they bring something entirely new to scene and shake up their industry in unprecedented ways. These bold innovators defy doubters by taking a risk, stepping into unknown territory, and successfully fulfilling their vision. They are the disruptors, the gamechangers, the trailblazers. And they are setting Boston on fire.

Still scratching your head about what it means to be “on fire”? Make your way to 50 on Fire tomorrow and all question marks will disappear. You’ll find yourself in a room of the biggest movers and shakers in the Hub and witness the crowning of this winter’s 50 on Fire. Check out the smoking finalists across all nine industry category to see who could take home the evening’s top prize:  Marketing & Advertising, Tech, Education, Design, Media, Arts & Entertainment, Healthcare,Dining & Retail and Sports & Fitness.

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