UPDATE: Lauzon also announced on Twitter earlier today that he has invested in Wedgies, a simple Twitter-centric survey app.

In November, we learned that Gemvara founder Matt Lauzon was stepping down as CEO of the company he built out of his Babson dorm room. Oh, and he got engaged. But Lauzon isn’t the type to stay quiet for long, and anyone following him on Twitter has realized he’s already working on his next startup.

I asked Lauzon over email what he’s working on, and he replied, “Honestly, I’m not 100% committed to any single thing at this juncture and am evaluating a range of opportunities.” Perhaps nothing is 100%, but a review of his tweeting the past couple of weeks provides a telling picture of what he’s interested in.

He did confirm that he’s not yet raised any money (I saved the Storify below in which I suggest as much before confirming that detail; you’ll see he’s certainly been talking to some of the big VC’s.) Here’s the short version of what his tweets suggest:

  • He’s exploring a service that would focus on recommendations
  • It might have a travel focus, as he’s expressed particular interest in the work of concierges
  • It will be human-centric – as opposed to algorithmic – and will likely leverage Facebook and the other social giants

Oh, and at least one local VC told him if he really wants to build it he should move away from Boston. Take a look at a selection of recent tweets, starting a couple weeks back and working toward the present. And let the rumor mill begin in the comments.