Happy Pi Day, folks! Today is March 14th or 3/14, and the day in which we celebrate all things 3.14 and beyond. Before we delve into what Pi Day means for you (ahem, eating pie), let’s take a look at what this very mathematical holiday is all about.

Pi, or ?, is a mathematical term that refers to the ratio of a circle’s circumference in relation to its diameter. Pi, when written out, is approximately 3.14159. In actuality, though, a whole bunch of smart people spent a lot of time proving that Pi, in its decimal form, goes on for infinity with no repeatable digits.

Those smart people, in case you were wondering, were the ancient Egyptians, Babylonians, Indians, Greeks, Chinese, Persians and basically all the ancient civilizations before us that had nothing better to do than sit around and calculate math problems. (I jest, but seriously, these guys didn’t have Twitter, so they must have been really bored).

Today, Pi Day is celebrated by nerds and foodies across the nation on March 14th. The nerds like it for the math, the foodies like it for the pie. Whether you fall into one, both or neither of those camps, you can still indulge in some delicious Pi(e) Day treats at these following Boston area locations.

Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro – 7am – 10am – Kick off your Pi Day right with what else but pie?!  Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro is offering a slice of pie and cup of coffee for only $3.14 during their regular breakfast service until 10am.

Clover – Lunch – In honor of pi day, Clover Food Lab and Trucks are chefing up $2 whoopie pies, available at their various locations. Stay tuned to Twitter to find out more about times and locations.

Petsi Pies –1:59pm – Petsi Pies is making you think for your pi-day reward. At their Beacon Street location, at 1:59pm (the next three decimals in Pi), they’re hosting a contest: If you can recite 10 digits of pi, you’ll get a cutie pie and a pi sticker; 100 digits and you’ll get a gift certificate for a large pie; and if you are a master of pi and can recite 314 digits, you’ll win the grand pie prize of a pie per season gift certificate.

How are you celebrating Pi Day today?

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