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Despite going public in 2011, Carbonite still defines itself as a startup—or at least “a seasoned startup,” where creativity and innovation trump all.

The online backup solutions provider was first drafted on Dave Friend’s dining room table in 2005. After the CEO saw success, however, a 40-person team was planted on Boylston Street, growing far beyond that head count not too long after. Carbonite now takes up four floors of 77 Huntington Avenue.

Despite the growth, Carbonite’s HR Generalist Courtney Gannon says the executive team has worked hard to maintain the company’s culture. And the key to doing so has been sticking to traditions.

The marketing team has a snack break on Friday afternoons, while the user experience group is hosting their own end-of-the-week get-together. The web team also ventures out for drinks after work weekly, and Carbonite, as a whole, will come together to celebrate any company achievements. When they do, a group of employees (pictured above) are guaranteed to break out into song.

“Carbonite is very team-focused,” Gannon says, noting, “chemistry is a large component of the hiring process.”

When hiring, Gannon claims they scout for people who fit the description of three words: smart, passionate and fun. Because Carbonite “is very collaborative,” fitting in to those categories is a way to ensure culture stays intact and the company continues to grow.

It’s fairly easy to be passionate, however, when you’re working somewhere with unlimited vacation days, free snacks and a “beer fairy” who flies around on Friday afternoons.

“We want to make sure our employees are rewarded for all of their hard work,” Gannon says, claiming they also encourage employees to have their say when it comes to work. Carbonite is constantly looking for suggestions on how they can improve their products, or even what new projects they should tackle, which they often do in the company’s quarterly “Hack Day” competition.

Staying on the edge of innovation is crucial for Carbonite. Gannon acknowledges how quickly the world is changing “due to the explosion of personal data, increase in use of the cloud and the proliferation of mobile devices.” The company’s goal is to then deliver customers—both consumers and small businesses—”easy-to-use, affordable cloud solutions with innovative features and functionality that make it simple for them to safeguard and access their digital content.”

Carbonite recently relocated all of their customer support operations from India to the U.S. to help improve customer experience. Of the 400-plus people working for the company, more than 200 customer and technical support employees are stationed in Lewiston, Maine.

Now, all the company needs is more caffeine.

“Our office has great views, but no food or drink options in the building,” Gannon says. “If Dunkin’ Donuts is looking to open up a kiosk, we would be fully in support! The Christian Science Plaza can be a pretty serious wind tunnel during the colder months.”

Considering Carbonite has previously seen a three-year sales growth of 11,207 percent, imagine what they could do with a little Dunkin’ in their system.