To be annoying on Twitter you must: Whine, repeat old news, talk about the sandwich you ate for lunch or #turn #everything #into #a #hashtag.

To have tweets worth reading: Be amazingly witty, provide some pertinent news or KISS — Keep it simple, stupid!

All this comes courtesy of a new study released by researchers from Carnegie Mellon, MIT and Georgia Tech, who’ve spent the last year analyzing 43,000 crowdsourced responses from their site Who Gives a Tweet? The “Hot or Not” tool allowed users to provide their perception on tweets, and let’s just say, when it was unveiled, BostInno’s own Sliggity was less than impressed. At least we now know what we like in our tweets, however, or what it is we find utterly irritating.

The big piece of advice? Stop talking about what you’re eating. While we may want to know what you’ve consumed for news, we don’t want to know what you’ve consumed for brunch. Keep that to yourself, or be at risk for being a bore, which you’ll see from The Atlantic is “bad.”

These days, we want Twitter to entertain us. So, tweets that are informative or funny (or both) are best. And, don’t be afraid to toot your own horn. If you look at the feedback Sliggity got after he submitted his tweets (below), you’ll see the ones people liked the most included links to posts he wrote. Sure, while “self-promotional,” people enjoy that original content and want to read it from those they’re following. “The Twitter ecosystem values learning about new content,” the study notes, and so sharing that is a trendy, valuable thing.

What’s funny is that, despite these studies, followers described only 36 percent of the rated tweets “Worth Reading,” 25 percent “Not Worth Reading” and remained neutral about the other 39 percent. Since we choose who to follow, apparently we need to do a better job at filtering. Also, at being creative. Because, who gives a tweet? Apparently 43,000 people.