Since last week, Ayr Muir has been detailing the saga of his restaurant—Clover Food Lab—via blog. After shutting it down last Saturday due to a salmonella scare, none of the restaurant’s cafes and food trucks have reopened, and both Muir and health officials are working to find the source of the outbreak.

On Wednesday, Muir penned a post detailing the process of getting samples from the restaurants to be tested for the disease. A hazmat-suit clad member of the Clover team ventured into the restaurant with health inspectors, retrieved the samples and are now awaiting the results. They’ve also tested the environment and workers, because people can transmit the disease, as well.

As they wait, Muir explains what the team has deduced outside of the lab. There were six people who have come forward stating their illness after eating at Clover. Of those six people, they either had the Chickpea Fritter Sandwich (or the plate) or the Egg and Eggplant sandwich. Those sandwiches share four common ingredients: Tahini sauce, cucumber and tomato salad, hummus and bread.

On Thursday, the Boston Globe published an update on the Clover situation, including results from a health inspection last week that found, according to Wicked Local, “spoiled cauliflower, food being transferred from food trucks to the commissary at too-warm temperatures, clean dishes stored in dirty containers and inadequate supervision.”

Muir, however, was not happy with the Globe’s portrayal of these citations. In a post on Thursday, he called the Globe’s piece “irresponsible journalism,” attacking how the citations were presented by the newspaper.

I spent a good amount of time on the phone with this particular Globe reporter explaining all of this context yesterday. She had the facts. And instead of reporting the full context, or even strictly what the documents (health inspection reports) said, the Globe posted a misleading headline followed by misleading statements.

In obvious frustration, Muir concludes: “And you ask why restaurants wouldn’t want to talk about what’s going on? You ask why there is secrecy around this?”