Cabin fever has likely gotten hold of all of us by now. In winter, it’s so easy to hibernate, cuddling up on the couch where it’s warm rather than braving the snow and biting cold just to meet up with friends across town. And in spring, it’s still cold enough that your body and mind will trick you into thinking that it’s still winter.

So in order to keep up the good spirits, let’s make some plans for when it the temperatures finally touch above 50 and we’re ready to head outdoors. The Boston Reddit community created a thread in response to one traveler asking what were Boston’s “hidden gems,” and from that, we have a whole slew of destinations to either visit for the first time or rediscover this spring.

From tucked away gardens, to lesser known museums, to finding great food off the beaten path, here’s what Boston has to offer under the radar. Some are a little less hidden than others, but they’re all great ways to spend some quality time with the city.