With three 90-degree days in our forecast, it feels like summer has finally, finally arrived in Boston. Time to celebrate before it gets too hot and we’re all back to complaining. Summer means lounging by the pool, sunbathing on a nearby beach, and generally embracing the great outdoors (until you start to get all sweaty, then it’s into the AC). To switch up your summer schedule, here are five events happening in June around town – naturally, most of them include frosty beverages and frozen treats. Happy summer!

1. Fun For Good Festival June 2nd
The Fun For Good Festival is this Sunday on the Moakley Federal Courthouse Lawn at Fan Pier, and the name says it all: proceeds from the tickets ($39) go straight to a good cause – the World Ocean School nonprofit – and for that single price, beer, wine, and other beverages are included for 21+ attendees (the event itself is all ages). Included. In the ticket price. That’s so unheard of, I just fell out of my chair. Grab your tickets while they last, and spend your day swingin’ to the bands – The Pimps of Joytime, Sister Sparrow and The Dirty Birds, Toy Soldiers, and Will Dailey and the Rivals – and swiggin’ drinks, courtesy of Harpoon, Cape Ann Brewing Co, Sam Adams, and more.

2. The Scooper Bowl June 4th through 6th
Sometimes, good old fashioned ice cream is necessary to satisfy certain summer-y cravings. (I’m looking at you, fro-yo.) And if you’ve got a serious need for Ben & Jerry’s (or Edy’s, or Baskin Robbins, or Friendly’s, or more!), $20 will get you unlimited re-entry to a total of 24 hours of the Scooper Bowl – Boston’s premier ice-creamy event right in City Hall Plaza. Some frozen yogurt and sherbet flavors will be there for the party as well, but this is ice cream’s moment, OK, fro-yo? This year’s Bowl will go down June 4-6, from noon to 8 p.m. everyday – get your tickets online, $10 for adults, or $20 for a Scooper Pass.

3. Rock the Boat CruiseJune 7th
This party cruise has it all – a live band, a DJ, a dance contest, a cornhole tournament, a cash bar, and in the words of the BSSC site, “three decks of young professionals partying the night away.” And no one knows how to party quite like the young professionals, am I right? Only a $25 ticket stands between you and this magical floating party extravaganza empire (too much?), so reserve your spot now before it’s too late. Wouldn’t want to have to watch from the docks while your young professional pals sail away without you.

4. The 2nd Annual Hyper-Local Craft Brew Fest June 14th and June 15th
Who doesn’t love a good beer festival? Honestly, not many people – both sessions of the American Craft Beer Fest on June 1st are totally sold out. (Tickets are still available for the May 31st session, but for this article’s purposes, May is so last month.) Luckily for you, the 2nd Annual Hyper-Local Craft Brew Fest is happening in June, and you can feel good about raising awareness for local breweries and vendors by sipping your way through a Saturday afternoon (a ticket gets you unlimited tastings). Locally sourced beers, ciders, meads, and an assortment of food from Valicenti Organico, The Chicken & Rice Guys, and more will be on hand for you to indulge while feeling pretty good about it, in the local sense. New to the festival is Friday’s Homebrew Showcase night, which will highlight home-brews with local ingredients. If you’ve ever fantasized about your own basement brewery (and who hasn’t?), don’t miss out.

5. Boston JerkFest June 29th
You know what they say: if you can’t vacation in the Caribbean, you might as well go to a Caribbean-themed food festival. Lucky for you, you poor, Caribbean-vacationless soul, the Boston JerkFest is here, bringing the top Caribbean chefs to the Benjamin Franklin Institute (41 Berkeley Street, South End) to whip up jerk-spiced fare, like jams, nuts, desserts, and spicy meats. The festival-only ticket is just $15, but you’ll probably want to upgrade your admission to include the Rum & Brew Tasting ($35, 21+). If you’re sick and tired of boring old beer tastings, test your tolerance as you sample local rums and beers, all to the rhythm of Caribbean and Latin-inspired live music. If your summer weekend needs a good, spicy kick in the pants, this fest is for you.

What events are you looking forward to in June?