Akamai LogoNews of current and former Akamai employees heading to startups has been everywhere in the last week, but today’s takes the cake. The company announced via a release that its CEO Paul Sagan would be transitioning out by the end of 2013.

Sagan joined as president in 1999 and has been CEO since 2005. The release gives no indication as to why Sagan is leaving.

The Cambridge-based content delivery network, which handles 30% of all internet traffic, has been the subject of many rumors regarding its acquisition over the past few months. Talk of a purchase by Google boosted its stock in October, but that rumor was soon debunked. A piece earlier in October by Bloomberg noted the company’s plunging valuation and discussed possible acquisition by IBM or Verizon.

At the time, my colleague Greg Gomer wrote:

We have also done some digging around through our sources and have heard that multiple senior people are leaving the company and we shouldn’t expect to see anything imminent. If you were a senior exec would you leave the company in the midst of a huge buyout? Or maybe they are being pushed out.

We’ll report more on the state of the company as we learn more, but in the meantime here’s a roundup of the various Akamai employees who have headed elsewhere recently. We’ve written about some, and Kyle Alspach at the Boston Business Journal has done a great job tracking the moves.

J.D. Sherman – Akamai CFO, left in February to join Hubspot as COO

Harold Prokop – Akamai SVP, left in February and joined SCVNGR earlier this month

Emily Glass – Senior Product Manager at Akamai, left in February and joined Adelphic Mobile earlier this week

Other Akamai vets who left less recently but have since joined startups: Annie Bourne (Kinvey), Ivan Stoyanov (Kinvey), Vienne Cheung (VienneMilano).