A little over a week ago, Dow Jones VentureSource released its venture investment data for the end of 2011. VentureSource was kind enough to provide us the data for Massachusetts venture capital firms broken down geographically which allowed us to take a look at where local VC’s have been investing.

For simplicity’s sake, I’ve included only Boston, San Francisco, New York (metro areas in each case), and combined everywhere else into one category. And to sidestep overall investment trends, the graph below shows percentages of all deals, rather than just the number in each area. The data we received did not include investment amounts, so this is all in terms of number of deals by Massachusetts VC firms.

Data courtesy of Dow Jones VentureSource

Boston is up in 2011, but I wouldn’t make too much of any single year. It’s interesting to note that taken together, non-Boston/SF/NYC investments are sizeable. And look at New York trending upwards. Looks like when our New York site InTheEmpire launches our Boston VC community will have to become readers.