I’m a fervent proponent of day drinking. But a beer with breakfast? That’s a happy hour on the wrong side of lunch, if you ask me.

One Reddit Boston user would disagree, however, posting this query to the site Wednesday morning:

Best place to drink at 8am? Bonus if they serve breakfast food. I am not an alcoholic.

As curious as that quandary might seem, the responses were numerous (Hey, Boston) and provided an almost unanimous answer. If you need a booze drink at 8 a.m. in the Hub, the go-to spot, for numerous Redditors at least, is The Pour House on Boylston Street.

A sample:

Pour House for sure. Their bloody mary’s are awesome. Unfortunately, if you go at 8am on a Saturday or Sunday morning, the smell of BO will be everywhere.
The pour house. Friends who worked overnight shifts would congregate there afterward.
I used to work night shifts and we’d roll in to drink at the pourhouse usually from 8-12. Great breakfasts and you get a coupon for a free bloody for your next visit.

This is all pretty amazing to me, I’ve been in Boston my whole life and never knew there were places that opened and could serve booze before 10 or 11am! My whole life is a lie

Some other suggestions were thrown out, like The Tam, Sligo Pub and Flann O’Brien’s. Whatever the case, 35 people weighed in, and not a single person admonished or even questioned the validity of such a request. What’s that, good sir, you need to get buzzed first thing in the morning? But of course!
I still don’t know why “goodguygronk” (no, not this Gronk) needs his break of day booze fix, but apparently he needs it in the right city.
As “BostonCab” (not sketchy at all) so glibly put it: “It’s not when you drink, how often you drink, what you drink, where you drink or who you drink with. It’s how you act when you drink.” Fair enough.