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Winter storm Nemo hit, bringing record snowfall and coating the Boston area in layers of beautiful white fluff. The MBTA is shut down all day on Saturday, and your car is likely an unrecognizable white blob right now. Basically, you’re not going anywhere. The shoveling can wait.

So, why not have little fun on this snowy February day? Strap on your snow pants, put on a hat and enjoy it! Grab a sled (or a cafeteria tray), and head to the nearest hill near you to fulfill your need for speed. Here is a list of some of the best spots to go sledding in and around Boston.

Boston Common – There is a steep hill that faces Charles Street that is ideal for sledding.

Arnold Arboretum125 Arborway. Head to Peter’s Hill for the best slopes.

Dorchester Park2174 Dorchester Ave

Heath School Playground Boylston Street and Eliot Street, Brookline

Larz Anderson Park23 Newton Street, Brookline. This park has multiple slopes with great sledding throughout.

Danehy Park 99 Sherman St., Cambridge

Spy Pond Park99 Pond Lane, Arlington. Trek to the edges of the park for the steepest slopes.

Prospect Hill Park322 Totten Pond Road, Waltham. Stunning views of the city, and of course, even better sledding.

If those parks aren’t accessible to you, just find a sloped street. Governor Patrick’s driving ban is still in effect, so the roads are relatively empty today, except for a few snow plows. We’ve heard reports of residents sledding everywhere from Beacon Hill to Boston College – just be safe out there!

Where do you go sledding in Boston?

While you’re out playing in the snow, be sure to snap photos of the gorgeous accumulation that Nemo left in his wake. Then, share them with us by posting to our Facebook page, tweeting to @BostInno using the hashtag #BostInnoSnow or emailing to We’ll be sure to keep the slideshow updated as Nemo continues to make its presence felt here in Massachusetts.