The Super Bowl is the biggest night of the year in football, in television, and in the wings-and-nachos-delivery business. It’s also a huge night for the internet. The final three minutes of last night’s game saw over 10,000 tweets per second and the commercials make it a major night for the world’s biggest brands. But if you’ve paid up for a Super Bowl ad, your website had better be up for the traffic you’re going to get.

That’s where Yottaa, a Boston-based website performance company, comes in. As if to emphasize just how into website monitoring and optimization these guys are, the Yottaa team spent last night with one eye on the game and the other monitoring and testing the major brands’ websites. And the results of what they’re calling The 2012 Burst Bowl are in. So which sites crashed, and which were up to the traffic?

The three worst sites during the Super Bowl: Coke, Act of Valor, & Acura

Apparently people really love those Coke polar bears. The Coke site and Acura’s call to action page both went down for significant periods during the game, while the movie Act of Valor’s video-heavy site slowed to a crawl.

The top three sites during the Super Bowl: Kia, Budweiser, & Chrysler

Keeping a major site from crashing is a bit of a thankless job. If you fail, lots of people notice. If you succeed, your users mostly don’t even think about it. So Yottaa’s rankings let us tip our hats to the web teams at these companies for ensuring great performance.

Overall, across all the sites it monitored, Yottaa saw 81 failed page loads and a 6% decrease in web performance.

More Weird Super Bowl Tech Challenges

If you’re like me, you didn’t give any thought to the challenges that web teams face on the Super Bowl, but when you think about it there are a huge number of tech issues raised by having a hundred million people watching and talking about the same thing at the same time.

At The Atlantic, Alexis Madrigal relates how Domino’s IT team approached the big game:

Our preparation begins well before kickoff – and even before the season begins – in July or August. It culminates in more than 55 members of our Information Systems (IS) “defense” camping out at headquarters to watch and anticipate every move the system makes to ensure flawless execution

If you’re in the mood for an involved IT-as-football metaphor, go read the rest.

Tracking College Students Favorite Super Bowl Ads

It was a big night for the team at CampusLIVE as well, which shared this morning its users’ favorite ads:

Top 4 Favorite ads on CampusLIVE:

M&Ms – I’m Sexy and I Know It
Doritos – Slingshot Baby
Coke – Polar Bears
VW – The Dog Strikes Back

Any other stories of tech teams too busy to keep their undivided attention on the game? Let us know in the comments.