By now, we’re all too aware of the “historic” winter storm looming over Boston and the rest of New England. But if you still haven’t made a mad dash to the nearest grocery store to stock on essentials, you’re in luck! Many of Boston’s food delivery options still plan to be up and running through Wednesday.

So, don’t panic (yet) – but don’t plan on fighting over the supermarket’s last loaf of bread, either. Here’s what we know so far about the status of local on-demand delivery services during this week’s Winter Storm Juno.


“Due to the weather, the declared state of emergency, and the travel ban, we will be shutting down our site at 6pm tonight and expect that it will remain closed tomorrow. While we had hoped to be able to deliver through the storm, safety is our priority (and abiding by the law!) We will be updating our customers of this news and will let them know as soon as we reopen.”


“We’re open for pre-scheduled orders right now (available through web at, and encourage people to use that option to schedule delivery for as early as possible today so they are stocked up and ready. We will keep our users informed through interstitials (in-app pop ups), email and Twitter (@Drizly and @DrizlyBos) on closings. In the meantime, users should allow for longer delivery times since drivers will need to account for the conditions on the road.”


“We are open and delivering in Boston and we hope to remain open throughout the storm. The safety of our couriers is our number one priority, and we are monitoring conditions as they progress.”


“Instacart is absolutely open to serve Boston today (Monday), and we’ll stay open as long as we feel we can while keeping our shoppers safe. Anticipation of the storm has resulted in a huge number of schedule-ahead orders as our customers stock up on essentials, but we’re working hard to bring more shoppers on shift to make more deliveries. Customers who need orders filled should check in throughout today and tomorrow as we’re hoping to increase our availability. Please bear with us as orders may have to be placed well in advance.”


“As of 10:00 p.m. (tonight), Postmates will be suspending operations in Boston. Service will resume sometime either on Wednesday or Thursday…in conjunction with the status of the travel ban in Suffolk County.”

We’ll be sure update this article as we hear back from other delivery services in the area and their status during Winter Storm Juno.

Image via Drizly