For those of you who were at The Ad Club’s kickoff to the Under The Dome series with Pandemic Labs Founder Matt Peters last Friday,  STOP reading now, you’ve got work to do replacing the strategy you just threw away! Begin reading again once you’ve give up sorting through the surprising results of the 300+ B2B and B2C page, 200,000+ post, 255 million+ interaction study that Matt presented a SMALL part of today. For the rest of you, I’m recapping the highlights and offering a few pieces of advice.

There are some practices that we know are effective, and Matt largely affirmed these. Videos>Pictures>Words>Lots of words. Pretty straight forward. The best time to post, not such a straight forward fact. I know many of you will tell me 9am-11am, or Friday afternoon, or 6pm, or whatever you may find is effective. But we’re ALL missing out here, because the most effective time is…care to guess…12:00am Sunday. Followed by 12:00am Monday. Followed by 10pm Friday. Seeing a trend right? Thinking this will be a little easier to redesign than you expected? WRONG! The next most effective time? Tuesday 11:00pm. Huh?

So here’s the takeaway when it comes to time. You post M-F, 9-5 (or some variation of that). Your audience reads nights and weekends. Something’s gotta give. And its gonna be you, because as Matt said, your audience isn’t going to modify its habits to fit your schedule, you’re going to modify your schedule to fit their habits.

Matt gave a lot of tips, but here is the one topic that stuck with me the most. EdgeRank. Facebook likes pages to be shared, content people enjoy, and conversations to begin. Post entertaining content, optimized for your audience, and you’ll get interaction (duh!). Get interaction and Facebook EdgeRank will show your content to more people. Bigger audience, same percentage of engagement, equals more interaction. Long story short; don’t post “crap” just to post something.

Here is how I do it. I post 1-2 times a day. I post videos (when I’ve got them). I post pictures, when I post links, I post pictures with them. And I don’t post just to post! If you’re posting quick content, information about an event, questions, etc, there’s is a place for that…Twitter.

For those of you who didn’t attend, there is a video coming soon. Also, check out the Pandemic Labs Blog for more information. There was so much knowledge shared by Matt today, I can’t even being to write about it all. So if you were there, what did you like the most? What one piece of advice is going to change the way you do business in social?