As one of Boston’s favorite holidays approaches, so does the premiere date of the latest reality TV show about the city.

With “Southie Rules” almost on the back burner, slipping from Tuesday nights to a mini-marathon on Saturday night at 10 p.m., there is plenty of room for VH1’s new series “Wicked Single” to slide into the reality series spotlight.

The trailer for the show, which  shows the “Wicked Single” cast unwinding in a bar, taking body shots and removing their clothes, was posted on VH1’s official YouTube account several days ago.

In the video, the Dropkick Murphy’s can be heard playing in the background as the stars of the show use over-the-top Boston accents to say things like “work hahd, but pahty hahdah,” making sure to remove all “R’s” from their phrases.

According to a post on VH1?s website, when the series hit peoples’ TV screens, viewers will be “inundated” with the “essence of Massachusetts” as they watch 30-somethings struggle with growing up, without growing old.

“Work hahd, play hahd: that’s the motto that six adultsters featured in VH1?s new Boston-set reality series,” according to the show’s producers. “Although they never miss an opportunity to hit the club, these young Bostonians sometimes wonder if the trappings of adulthood may be passing them by as they revel in ‘Monday Fundays’ and ‘Tuesday Boozedays.’”

The description about the new series manages to cram in as many Boston stereotypes as it can in the first few sentences of the description, including urging reality-show mongers to grab their Dunkin’ Donuts, and frappes.

The show airs on St. Patrick’s Day, Sunday, March 17 at 11 p.m.