If you’ve ever wanted to compete on a game show, throwing yourself into the gauntlet while taking on your opponents in an extreme challenge, then you should head to Danvers.

Starting in November, people will be able to fulfill those desires at the Wipeout obstacle course that is currently under construction.

From running across platforms while giant bags try to bash you, to diving and ducking out of the way of dozens of boxing gloves trying to take you out, the course is reminiscent of the popular game show “Wipeout,” however, there is no affiliation, according to the company’s website.

Wipeout, which is slated to open to a select group of customers with “early access passes,” will have competitors climbing nets and hopping from block to block trying avoid falling into a giant pit of foam squares.

According to their Facebook page, the owners also plan on hosting “Competition Night,” pitting people up against each other as they traverse through the various challenges in an attempt to finish the course. When Wipeout opens, 18-plus and under 18 competitions will be held weekly.

From the Wipeout Facebook page:

Early access passes to Wipeout will begin this Wednesday at midnight. Passes will get you in the door and on the course 30 days before it’s open to the general public. Passes will cost $49 and will be valid to run the course 12 times. This pass is 57% off the normal price. As November approaches the passes will increase in price.

Creators said the minimum age to participate in the fun is 10 years old.

“The course is designed for teens and adults. It’s not easy,” according to a post from an administrator on Facebook.

For updates on the status of the course, you can visit their Facebook page, which offers special deals and sneak peeks at the course.

Below, photos of the course and what people can expect to run through.