Lars Albright is no slouch. The co-founder of Quattro Wireless, a mobile ad network acquired by Apple in 2010, Albright today announced details on his latest endeavor, SessionM.

Boston-based SessionM, which raised $6.5 million from Kleiner Perkins and Highland Capital in May and has since been in stealth, unveiled its mobile product today with the support of a number of advertisers, including Honda, Tyson Foods, and Volvo.

The SessionM platform aims to let app publishers add an extra layer of user engagement, including things like games and video, within which it allows brands to integrate advertising. Users who participate in these engagement activities can earn rewards or status within the app from its publisher, but also earn points from SessionM that are redeemable in the form of gift cards and coupons.

“Consumers are demanding content and advertising experiences that are fun and engaging, and that also reward them for their time and attention,” Albright said in a release. “Our scalable platform helps apps in all categories captivate audiences, make more money, and deliver more valuable advertising experiences.”

SessionM Co-Founder & CEO Lars Albright

The SessionM platform uses HTML5 such that app designers need not alter their designs, according to the company. Publishing partners so far include Viacom’s AddictingGames, The Weather Channel, Demand Media, Fox Sports, and Glam Media.

Integrating advertising or some other brand value mechanism into content in a way that actually adds value to the user experience rather than taking away from it is something of a holy grail across platforms. Last night at WebInno, MediaMob pitched something similar: a way to standardize and scale brand integration into mobile games. And Swoop is pursuing the same goal on the web, by integrating deals rather than ads into content.

There’s a big pot of money in it for whoever succeeds. Given Albright’s record, we’ll be watching SessionM’s progress closely.