In early June, we announced “the Apollo,” Ministry of Supply’s latest foray into men’s apparel. The team unveiled the shirt on Kickstarter, asking for an initial $30,000. With five days of their campaign still left to go, the team’s gone above and beyond — over$266,000 dollars beyond, courtesy of close to 1,800 backers.

“This speaks to the fact it’s a product people actually want and are excited about,” says co-founder Kit Hickey. To the Ministry of Supply team — comprised of MIT grads — the whole process has been validating. And, thanks to Kickstarter, the company’s been able to get in front of people they might not have been visible to before. “Kickstarter’s such an amazing tool,” Hickey admits.

The Apollo is focused on four key areas: heat management, moisture management, odor control and dynamic motion. Featuring the same technology NASA uses in its space suits, called phase-change materials, the shirt can adapt to wherever the customer who’s wearing it is, whether they’re sweating their way into work, or clanking away at their computer in an air-conditioned office.

With the goal of creating clothes that feel like their customers’ second skin, the Apollo is designed with “your motion in mind,” meaning it remains tucked in all day, no matter whether you’re standing up, sitting down, shaking hands or riding a bike. The added bonus is that the Apollo’s anti-microbial coating also eliminates odors.

When Ministry of Supply first mentioned their Kickstarter, they said they were launching it to make sure the Apollo was a product their customers were interested in. Now, not only do they know their customers want the product, but they also know their customers want to be involved in the process of creating it.

“They had ideas on how to wear the shirt, and colors or patterns they’d want to see,” Hickey says. “Even the next products they’d want to see.”

With the campaign coming to a close, Ministry of Supply is working to make sure everything is in line; that manufacturing is complete and the fabric’s ready to go. Anyone who pledged $95 or more will be receiving the Apollo shirt, with their choice of cut, color and size. Have you backed the project yet?