I’m a weirdo when it comes to my wardrobe. I will simply not wear an article of clothing twice in a row. I’m not talking about boxers here, or even jeans, either. I don’t repeat shoes. Watches are worn at random but never consecutively. And back-to-back dress shirt wearings? Unthinkable. Not even in the same week.

So it was with immense suspicion and a slight tinge of resent that I recently surveyed the new offering from Wool & Prince: a sharp-looking button-down offered via Kickstarter that I could, if I wanted to, wear for 100 days straight without washing to no offensive side effects. No wrinkling. No rank smell. No regrets.

That’s the pitch, anyway. And there’s $211,500 on the line and counting saying they’ll back it up.

The shirt’s creator, Mac Bishop, offers an impressive argument. Guys love their jeans because they’re low maintenance and they look great. Button-down shirts, on the other hand, look great until you wear them once or twice. Then they start to wrinkle. Tuck one in one day and that’s about the end of that. I’ve got 10 sitting on a chair in my room just begging for a dry-clean.

So yeah, I’m intrigued. If Mac wants to “Give guys a better, longer lasting button-down,” I don’t see why we shouldn’t let him.

The Kickstarter campaign has 20 days to go and has long since decimated its goal of $30,000. Mac is a charismatic spokesperson, but it’s the Cotton-Soft technology that’s the real star here. Wool doesn’t have to be thick and scratchy; done right, it can be dynamic and stylish and durable.

“I don’t expect you to wear your shirt 100 days in a row,” Mac says on the campaign page, just below a scrolling montage of him wearing the same shirt 100 days in a row, “but I do expect that you’ll want to see how this shirt holds up compared to your other shirts. But hey, if you want to go for the 100 Day Challenge, we aren’t going to stop you.”

The fit is comparable to J. Crew Tailored Fit and comes in sizes S, M, L or XL, meaning there’s no excuse for you to not give one a whirl. You’ve got your favorite pair of jeans already. You might as well add your new favorite button-down you’ll never have to wash or hang up either.