And you thought professional wrestling was fake. Last night at Extreme Rules in Chicago, John Cena and Brock Lesnar had it out and before the scripted end had Cena ultimately pinning Lesnar in the center of the ring, the former UFC heavyweight champion and monster of a man showed Cena, an arena full of people and everyone at home what a true ass kicking looked like.

Lesnar immediately speared a sprinting Cena and delivered a flurry of elbows to the face of everyone’s favorite face as blood began to trickle, then gush from his forehead.

Lesnar apparently didn’t get the memo explaining the difference between the UFC and the WWE. He was probably too busy smashing his face against a picture of John Cena taped to a brick wall and forgot to check the mail.

Other highlight matches from the night included Randy Orton pinning Kane, Sheamus beating Daniel Bryan, and C.M. Punk knocking out Jericho.

The matchup between Punk and Jericho lasted nearly half an hour before culminating with some high fly theatrics as Punk dropped a fearsome elbow from atop the turnbuckles and eventually put Jericho out with his Go To Sleep finisher.

It proved to be a really tense billing of the top two matches (Punk vs. Jericho, Cena vs. Lesnar), with a dull divas match in between. But hey, the live crowd was probably itching for a bathroom break. Folks at home had to just muster through it.

Though it wasn’t until Cena and Lesnar entered the ring where fiction met the hard elbow of reality head on. In case you missed the match or just want to relive it all, below you can catch the highlights from the marquee matchup.

Also, head to for photos and video from that matchup and others throughout the evening.