Instagram announced on their blog today that all users can now access their personal feeds on, allowing anyone to use Instagram on the web rather than have to access it on smart phones only. is used in the exact same way that the app is used: scroll through recently-uploaded images from people you follow, ‘like’ a photo by double-clicking on it, comment on photos and interact with other commenters. It looks pretty much exactly like it does on your mobile phone – nice and simply streamlined. And there’s no need at all to adjust or get used to anything new.

You may already know that for the past few months, users have been able to access individual Instagram profiles on the web. Click on any username on your feed and you will be directed to a beautiful layout of their main page. You can also edit your own profile and change your password through the web.

Unfortunately, you cannot upload photos from your computer because, as the press release explained, “Instagram is about producing photos on the go, in the real world, in realtime.” So this means that although you can change any aspect of your public profile on your computer, you can’t upload a new profile picture.

Of course, the press released thanked the team of designers and engineers who made “Instagram for the web the most simple, straightforward and beautiful web experience for the Instagram community.”