We all have those days where we’re sitting in the Boston Common, lounging on a picnic blanket, nibbling cheese and sipping wine… out of a solo cup. We think to ourselves, if only I had a classy vessel from which to consume my pinot noir!

Well, classy ladies and gents, that vessel is now here. Meet Zipz, the company that took wine packaging to a whole new level. Zipz are single-serving wines that come in ready-to-drink plastic goblets. All you have to do is unzip the packaging, pop the top, and start sipping.

The wines are of the California variety, available in Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Apparently, there was a need for classier wine vessels at ball parks: Zipz already has plans to sell their products at seven Major League Baseball stadiums across the country, including Citi Field in New York. Zipz are also available at select liquor stores in New York, though they haven’t made their way to Boston quite yet.

Priced at around $4 each —  or $14 for a four-pack — Zipz won’t break the bank, but you can’t make much of a case for ever buying Zipz for at-home consumption. Personally, I’d rather just buy a $14 bottle of wine and use my own glasses on the back porch.

Going back to the aforementioned scenario in the Boston Common, the Zipz aren’t very discreet, either. In a city like Boston that handed out 300+ citations in a single day for public drinking, that ain’t something you wanna mess with.

Would Zipz hold, then, at Fenway Park? If they didn’t increase the price much from $4 a pop, maybe. Beers are now $5 at the nation’s oldest ballpark, making fans desire little more (except maybe a winning team).

Maybe wine is better reserved for indoor table dining, after all.

[h/t New York Times via MC Slim JB]