From the best business advice received by a mentor to the best advice they would share with aspiring leaders and entrepreneurs, watch the latest batch of BizCast videos below, a collection of two-minute interviews with some of Chicago’s most influential executives.

Kevin Akeroyd, CEO, Cision

Mark Doyle, Founder, Rags of Honor

Dana Arnett, Chief Executive Officer, VSA Partners

Ravin Gandhi, Co-Founder and CEO, GMM Nonstick Coatings

Tom Gimbel, Founder and CEO, LaSalle Network

Aaron Gillum, Managing Partner, Caerus Investment Partners

Paul Schault, CEO, Label Insight

Roy Chomko, President, Adage Technologies

Kellee Johnson, Principal, The Ballast Group

Dale Kluga, President, Cobra Capital

Rick Lane, CEO, Trading Technologies

Neal Sales-Griffin, CEO, CodeNow

Nelson Santos, President, Scientel Solutions

Craig Wortmann, Founder and CEO, Sales Engine

Brian Balduf, Co-Founder and CEO, VHT Studios

(Image via BizCast and Vimeo)