ContextMedia Co-Founder and President Shradha Agarwal

The tech and startup world has long been a boys club. Despite making up half the population and almost 60% of the labor force, women only account for 30% of the US tech industry.

And the number of female startup founders is even lower. Only 18% of the world’s startup founders are women, according to a report by Compass titled the Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking. Reports of sexual harassment and a bias toward women are rampant in the tech industry, with a recent study of Silicon Valley female tech workers finding that 60% of women reported being the target of unwanted sexual advances from a superior, and 90% witnessed sexist behavior at company offsites and/or industry conferences. 66% say they’ve been excluded from social or networking opportunities because of gender.

In Chicago, it’s fair to assume the city’s tech industry has many of the same issues women face in Silicon Valley (like a male VC asking a female CEO if she was dating her co-founder).

But Chicago has a one significant bright spot vs other cities when it comes to women in tech: Chicago has the highest percentage of female entrepreneurs in the world at 30%, well above the average of 18%.

There’s a sense of togetherness and collaboration among Chicago’s female founders, says Kristi Ross, founder and CEO of investing platform Dough, which she believes is unique to the city’s tech ecosystem.

“I believe that the Midwest mentality here in Chicago of helping others has really come through around collaboration and the ecosystem as a whole,” she said. “And you see that. It’s incredibly inclusive … (People) are always willing to help collaborate and help introduce and help make those connections. It’s wonderful, and it’s been a very welcoming ecosystem.”

To help get a sense of the female entrepreneurship ecosystem in Chicago, we set out to find all of the female founders in the Windy City. With the help of Ms. Tech founder Nicole Yeary, we wanted to showcase as many female-led Chicago startups as we could find.

We hope this list is a useful resource for the Chicago tech community, and a place where people can see the work being done by the city’s female entrepreneurs. We also plan on updating this list with newly formed startups, as well as companies we’ve missed. Undoubtably, we have left people off this list. Please email if you know of someone we should include.

1800-Photographers LLC: Nathaly Kim Welch

1800-Photographers’ is an online photo and video agency that helps people find photographers for their event.

30 Second Mobile: Elisa All

Digital media platform 30 Second Mobile launched its first product 30 Second Mom, an app and website that gives mothers access to information on a range of topics like cooking, health, and technology, in 30 seconds or less.

4D Healthware: Star Cunningham

Healthtech startup 4D Healthware uses health data from wearable devices like Fitbit to help people with chronic conditions monitor their health more effectively, with information sent to your phone and computer that’s read like warning lights on a car dashboard.

678 Partners: Parissa Behnia

678 Partners is an advanced marketing strategy and strategic business development firm.

a little bit of happiness: Rill Hodari

a little bit of happiness is a platform for celebrating fashion and creating your own personal fashion coupon for an on-demand discount.

A-n-H D’Zigns: Antoinette Houston

A-n-H D’Zigns is a UX research, design and strategy consulting company, certified in UX and usability analysis.

AcountingLeap: Maria Sentic

AccountingLeap is a platform that matches people with accounting professionals and gives quotes from qualified accountants who are focused on clients in your industry.

Amanecer Breakfast Tacos: Ana Vela

This food startup serves breakfast tacos in Evanston out of a Smart Car.

Anansi: Nikita Parikh

Anansi is creating a wearable that can sense a user’s fight-or-flight response, and alert emergency authorities if a user is in danger.

Aparécio Foundation: Jessica George

The Aparecia Foundation is a non-profit with a mission to fund mentoring, academic assistance, and scholarship programs for high-potential, low-income women in public high schools.

ARALeslie Vickrey, Megan McCann, Jane Gilligan Hamner

ARA aspires to Attract, Retain, and Advance women in technology via mentorship, programs and events.

Augls: Megan Matt

Augls is a collaboration tool and form generator that allows teams to share data in an easier and more efficient way than spreadsheet apps.

Avant Beige: Sara AlAteeqi

Avant Beige is a lifestyle e-commerce site that’s home to curated apparel, furniture, and as other lifestyle items.

Babies4Babies: Kate Marie Sigfusson

Babies4Babies creates and sells socially conscience, high-quality baby textiles that are designed and manufactured the US Each product you purchase funds 4 life-saving antiseptic treatments for 4 babies in the developing world.

BallotReady: Alex Niemczewski, Aviva Rosman

BallotReady is an online platform that gives detailed, side-by-side, easy-to-access information on all the candidates you will see on voting day.

4D Healthware CEO Star Cunningham

BatesMeron: Becka Bates

BatesMeron is a full-service branding and marketing agency.

Beauty on Demand: Christina Ptak

Beauty on Demand allows you to book a hair appointment from your phone or computer and bring a high-end, affordable salon experience to your door.

Bespeak Studios: Jill Steinberg

Bespeak Studios offers a collaborative space where community groups, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals can host workshops, meetings, and events.

Besteryear: Amber Porter Telfer

Besteryear is a platform for vintage enthusiasts to find quality furniture, décor and fashion.

Bevver: Carrie Leigh

Bevver pairs beverages of all kinds to peoples’ activities and interests, like where to sip coffee and play chess, play pub trivia, or listen to live music.

Bilderhoos: Jill Archer

Bilderhoos makes wooden architectural play sets that help build smarter, stronger kids.

BIM for Better: Juanita Garcia

BlueDaring: Melissa Ballate

BlueDaring is a branding and design firm that’s worked with companies like Divvy and Rice a Roni to create effective marketing strategies.

Blueye: Shannon Smith

Marketing platform Blueye combines social media data, website data, and tested strategies to craft relevant, precisely-targeted marketing for its clients.

BonaParty: Katy Banks

BonaParty is an app for finding parties and events in your neighborhood.

BottomLine Recruiting: Katie Hawking Conley, Maggie Hughes

BottomLine Recruiting is a full-service sales recruiting firm specializing in sourcing, qualifying, and presenting top sales talent.

Brave Initiatives: Jen Kamins

Brave Initiatives’ mission is to empower women to be brave, purposeful, powerful agents of change in the world through coding and leadership training.

Brideside: Sonali Lamba, Nicole Staple

Brideside’s online style consultants help you find beautiful bridesmaid dresses and give you peace of mind during your wedding planning journey.

Brrrilliant: Chereesca Bejasa

Brrrilliant is a software studio for startups that works through all aspects of product development with the entrepreneurs, including customer acquisition and marketing campaigns to create a successful business.

Built In Chicago: Maria Christopoulos Katris

Built In Chicago is an online community for Chicago startups, offering news, events, job postings and other relevant information for the city’s tech ecosystem.

Cancer IQ: Feyi Olopade

CancerIQ is a digital toolkit for patients and providers to make more informed, genome-based decision in the cancer care.

CareContent: Kadesha Thomas

CareContent is a digital marketing agency to help healthcare organizations attract patients and build online communities through content marketing.

Catalyst Ranch: Eva Niewiadomski

Catalyst Ranch is a creative meeting and event space where big ideas come to life.

Caysh: Becca Feig

Caysh is a digital payments startup that lets you send money to people along with a custom photo or video. Jessica Zweig

CheekyChicago is an online lifestyle magazine for women in Chicago. It is a social destination to the most exciting happenings in the city. Sue Zeiler

An online resource for parents in the Chicago area.

Chocolate Uplift: Valerie Beck

Chocolate Uplift provides quality, ethical chocolate services such as ingredient sourcing, product development, and brokering, to chefs, chocolatiers, and chocolate makers, and to cacao growing nations.

Chykalophia: Ari Krzyzek

Chykalophia is a marketing and branding agency for clients looking for a fresh perspective on their marketing strategy, a new brand image, or figuring out how to improve sales performance.

CitySwarm: Lindsay Saewitz

CitySwarm hosts unique events to help fun-loving urbanites explore Chicago in the most hassle-freeand social way. The company was acquired by Red Frog Events in 2014, and Saewitz is now the GM of the Origin Ventures Network.

Clean Slate Messenger: Rachel Harsley

This messaging app allows users to “wipe” away messages, leaving no digital messaging trail behind.

CondoGrade: Lauren Peddinghaus

CondoGrade provides ratings of condo associations based on their financial health, and gives you tools to make smarter decisions for your next condo purchase.

ContextMedia: Shradha Agarwal

ContextMedia provides health information at the point of care by giving doctors’ offices and waiting rooms tablets and other screens containing information on patient care and healthy living practices.

Conventus Corporation: Sarah Isaacs

Conventus is an information security consulting firm that acts as a trusted advisor to senior executives on strategic risk management.

ConversePoint: Marisa Bryce

ConversePoint’s technology securely and intelligently manages communications among individuals, groups, devices and other systems.

Creative Coworking: Angela McHaney Valavanis

Creative Coworking is a members-only workspace for creative professionals, graduate students, and entrepreneurs.

Dabble: Erin Hopmann, Jess Lybeck

Dabble is an online marketplace for finding fun and affordable classes in your community.

Daycare Discover: Mo Zhou

This startup helps busy parents efficiently find suitable daycare options.

DigitalGroundUpDigital4Startups: Reva Minkoff

DigitalGroundUp is an interactive technology platform that helps users learn digital marketing from the ground up through its interactive software; Digital4Startups is a full-service digital marketing consultancy that helps businesses advertise online more effectively.

Digital Megaphone: Hope Bertram

Digital Megaphone hosts cutting edge educational and experiential events.  Thousands of marketers have attended their events which range from digital marketing summits to social media contests at major events and trade shows. Sara Gharacheh

DIYUplighting is a platform for renting your own lighting for events like weddings and parties.

Dose: Gaby Spartz

Dose is the media company behind Dose and OMG Facts and is one of the world’s fastest-growing digital media companies with more than 50 million people monthly unique visitors.

Double Helix Health: Lizzie Nolan

Double Helix Health provides online healthcare and telehealth solutions for companies so they can provide employees access to online health information and doctors appointments 24/7.

Dough: Kristi Ross

Dough is an online investment information platform designed to help beginners master trading fundamentals using its interactive lessons, and help people spot trades using dough’s innovative visual trading platform.

Dough CEO Kristi Ross

Dymynd: Carolyn Fonstad

DyMynd is a boutique financial empowerment firm that helps women understand their financial personality and build trusting relationships.

EarlyVention: Melissa and Elizabeth Ames

This subscription service sends parents and caregivers monthly packages of activities designed for autistic or developmentally disabled children

eazyScripts: Gulé Sheikh

EasyScripts is an electronic prescription writing service that allows physicians to submit prescriptions electronically for their patients, at pharmacies convenient for their patients, right from their mobile device.

Edgewater Workbench: Ally Brisbin

Edgewater Workbench offers 3D printing and laser cutting services, classes to learn the skills needed to create 3D printable files, and hosts a retail boutique featuring works by local artists.

EDLoop: Carrie Mendoza

EDLoop solves the Emergency Department communication challenge between providers and patients during their stay through a unique, secure communication platform designed for the environment.

Educo Web Designs: Chris Mickens

Educo is a web design firm that produces goal-oriented websites that are flexible, manageable and visually appealing.

Eislee: Sara Raffa

Eislee creates scarves from baby alpaca wool sustainably sourced from Peru.

Elmspring: Kim Kleeman

Elmspring is a real estate accelerator program headquartered in 1871.

Elu: Christina Marshall

Elu is an online, made-to-measure apparel brand for plus-size women using smart technology to enable fit, style, and customization.

Eved: Talia Mashiach

Eved’s event management software makes it easier for large companies to keep track of their spending on events, and automates the process of buying and selling events, from sourcing through payment processing.

EVENTup: Jayna Cooke

EVENTup is an online marketplace for event spaces that provides users access to a range of places, from art galleries to conference centers, to find the perfect venue.

Everpurse: Liz Salcedo

Everpurse makes clutches and handbags that can charge your phone, and recently partnered on a line of purses with Kate Spade.

ExplORer: Jennifer Fried

ExplORer is an interactive surgical playbook that promotes optimal teamwork in the operating room.

Feeding Startups: Wenya Chang

Feeing Startup is dedicated to providing early-stage entrepreneurs with knowledge they need to successfully run a startup company.

Femme du Coupe: Revae Schneider

Femme du Coupe is a Chicago based interactive mixology company that is centered around making cocktails and the art of mixology accessible anywhere

FitnessCubed: Shivani Jain

FitnessCubed’s device Cubii is an under-desk elliptical trainer that lets you get a workout in while sitting at your desk.

Five to Nine: Jasmine Shells

Five to Nine is a platform showcasing Chicago’s best events for millennials.

Fizz: Jennifer Shoop

Fizz is a team management tool that streamlines performance reviews by powering lightweight, ongoing feedback

FK Law: Lema Khorshid

FK Law is a law firm that concentrates in servicing the needs of a wide range of small to mid-sized businesses.

Food Travelist: Sue Reddel

Connects food travelers around the world with relevant brands, destinations and experiences.

FoodTrace: Riana Lynn

Next Level Food Sourcing Maps + Dashboard Management for restaurants, farms, distributors, schools, markets, grocers, and urban areas.

FoundingMoms: Jill Salzman

A collective of offline meetups and online resources where mom entrepreneurs can exchange, connect and learn from one another.

Full Circle: Manon van den Herik

Free, weekly delivery of fresh, organic, local produce and unique seasonal artisan groceries.

Gallerique: Maria Girgenti

In-house curators create personalized portfolios for each design need or collection interest.

Galvanize Labs: Moira Hardek

A hybrid education/gaming company.

GetPassionly: Erica Grigg

A web app keeps busy couples sexy, intimate & in love.

Gidi: Taneasha Prunty

Luxury women’s apparel. Jennifer Morris, Kara Kaplan

A digital gift card marketplace that offers insanely curated gift cards for the best, local merchants in your neighborhood.

GiveGiftr: Tatyana Shestopalova, Dalal Alrayes

Community platform for gift giving. Allowing members to discover next gift idea by asking unbiased real people.

Go Dutch Today: Alysia Sargent

A dating mobile app comprised of a community of people that understand that allows each person to be fiscally responsible for their portion of the date or outing.

Green Chicago Restaurant Coalition: Eloise Karlatiras

A registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization dedicated to protecting the environment and conserving natural resources by helping the Chicago foodservice industry reduce its collective environmental footprint.

HealthBox: Nina Nashif

Changing healthcare by driving actionable collaboration between inventors, entrepreneurs, and the healthcare industry.

Hearken: Jennifer Brandel

Audience-driven platform enabling journalists to partner with the public to create relevant and high-performing stories.

Heirlume: Elaine Russell

Heirlume is a fine jewelry e-commerce site with a focus on helping gift buyers find the perfect gift for their loved ones. Little Key is a platform for parents to have on-demand access to kid’s classes, activities, and museums in their city.

Hire Ground: LaToya Egwuekwe-Smith

A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping the long-term unemployed secure full-time work through what it calls “employment sponsorships.”

HomeHubZone: Toby Adamson

HomeHubZone provides tablet and web apps that simplify inspection reporting for home and property inspectors. Homebuyers get clean, easy to read, online reports with pictures, video, links to appliance manuals, and notices of recall checks.

Honorary Chicago: Linda Zabors

Provides the largest collection of honorary street names, locations and biographies of the people, events and days commemorated by the City of Chicago.

HoorayLearning: Stacy Ratner

Engages, educates and empowers young learners and their guides through interactive portals where students, educators, and trusted adults collaborate on creative skill-building across key academic disciplines.

I Heart Keenwah: Sarah Chalos

An all natural food company making ready-to-eat quinoa based snacks.

Impact Engine: Linda Darragh, Jamie Jones

Impact Engine is an investment fund that empowers entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors to make a positive impact on society.

INKMADE: Fariha Wajid

This startup offers textiles and scarves designed using laser cut woodblock prints, handmade in Bagru, India.

Insightful Decisions: Vea Glenn

An ed-tech startup offering engagement services for middle and high-school students.

Inspire Girls Academy: Shalini Patel

Inspire Girls Academy is a girls-only STEAM-focused school launching in Chicago next fall.

It’s A Short: Christine Boulware

Shorts, videos, and webseries curated from media artists around the world

iTravel Benefits: Holly Bellmund

A shared elective benefit that helps employees save, plan and travel. Beyond physical care, optimal health includes mental and social wellness.

Kaizen Health: Mindi Knebel

Kaizen Health utilizes technology to continuously improve healthcare outcomes by increasing access to healthcare through  expanding transportation accessibility for the underserved communities.

KaZoom Digital Publishing: Donna Beasley

Publisher of children’s books, fiction and travel guides.

Keepsayk: Kim Harrod

Keepsayk lets you make instant scrapbooks with photos, videos and text. You can share and view experiences from any device, and order photo books.

Kilogear: Kelly Manthey, Megan Brown

Advanced technical gear and apparel line for men and women.

KISSPatent: D’Vorah Graeser

KISSPatent helps you file your patent and recommends the best tools and services for you to protect your idea.

Know Your Company: Claire Lew

Software tool that helps businesses learn how employees feel about the business, what employees are working on, and creating connections between the business and employees.

KnowledgeHound: Kristi Zuhlke

Software that helps market researchers, marketers and sales teams find, visualize and analyze quantitative and qualitative consumer research studies. 

Knowledgehound CEO Kristi Zuhlke

Latent Design: Katherine Darnstadt

Latent Design is a progressive architecture, urbanism + interiors firm leveraging civic innovation and social impact to design more sustainable spaces and systems. Latent Design is the developer behind Boombox, the city’s first micro storefront in a repurposed shipping container.

Leche Libre: Andrea Newberry

Integrates motherhood into your lifestyle with dresses designed by a mom, for mothers of every kind. Sophisticated, functional dresses for any woman. Leigh Loftus

Food photographer and photography consultant.

Lifeway Foods: Julie Smolyansky

A Kefir food company and producer of probiotic and nutritious foods.

liftuplift: Corielle Heath

An online marketplace for female entrepreneurs to sell their products and empower women along the way.

Lightspan Digital: Mana Ionescu

A digital marketing company offering digital marketing strategy and planning, content marketing, social media and email marketing.

LimeRed Studio: Emily Lonigro Boylan

A socially-focused design and development firm.

Lovendar: Ellona Ferson

An app for couples to privately capture and share lists of gifts you want, things to do, and what to try together.

LuminAID: Anna Stork, Andrea Sreshta

Shark Tank alum LuminAID creates solar powered inflatable lights for disaster relief, as well as hiking and camping.

Luna Lights: Wesley Youman

This startup offers a system of sensors, lights, and data analytics to prevent and detect falls for older adults.

LUV TALK: Gwendolyn Washington

A website for singles and couples to get the information they need to be successful in the journey of love.

Luxe Bloom: Shelly Rosen

Luxe Bloom provides natural, long-lasting rose arrangements that require no water, and can last up to 60 days without care.

Luxury Garage Sale: Brielle Buchberg, Lindsay Segal

An e-commerce designer consignment platform featuring authentic Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Celine and more.

Mac & Cheese Productions: Saya Hillman

Mac & Cheese Productions is a lifestyle company focused on you finding your tribe, expanding your horizons, and feeling full through in-person events. Think “adult summer-camp.”

Mac & Mia: Marie Tillman

An online personal stylist for children’s clothing.

Marengo Hampshire Partners: Andrea Moran, Alexandra Zaporozec

Marengo Hampshire Partners is a recruiting firm founded on the premise that there is a better way to serve clients in the ever-changing landscape of recruiting.


MARKABLE is a visual search technology connecting photos and products.

Matchist: Stella Fayman

Matchist lets you submit a project and it will match you to top professional freelance developers and development shops in the US.

Medici: Maggie Malone

The Medici app lets you find cultural events happening in your city, based on your cultural profile.

Megalytics: Donna Salvatore

Megalytics provides customers in real estate, financial services, health care, retail, and insurance with proprietary data from a number of data sources, unlock transactional data sets and deliver advanced analytics and predictive modeling,

Meyer Law: Tricia Bedell Meyer

Meyer Law focuses in practice areas to help businesses new and established in a wide range of industries including financial services, telecom, social media, real estate, marketing, advertising and healthcare.

Moderne Ventures: Constance Freedman
Follow @COFreedman

An early stage venture fund investing in technology companies that are innovating within real estate, mortgage, finance, insurance, and home services.

Mohop: Annie Mohaupt

On-demand, customizeable shoes made by 3D printers and artisans. Sharon Schneider

A children’s clothing resale site that sold to Schoola.

mRelief: Rose Afriyie, Gen Nielsen

A platform that easily shows people if they are eligible for social services for help with food, housing, health, transportation, employment, tax credits, and more. 

Ms.Tech: Nicole Yeary

Ms.Tech is a social impact focused, membership organization with a learning community that provides women in technology ventures and innovative companies the inspiration, knowledge and connections to reach their full potential.

MUMZY: Catherine Merritt, Elise Kern

A crowdfunding platform for moms, where they can submit projects, raise capital and turn brilliant ideas into reality.

My Green Village: Helaine Krysik

A resource for the latest news and offers in sustainable living.

Nerds at Heart: Bathsheba Birman

Launched in 2006, Nerds at Heart hosts dating events for “nerds,” and helps make matches for “smart hetero and queer singles.”

Nestled:  Leasa Navarro

Nestled is a platform that automatically alerts parents of product recalls based on their purchases

Neurocern: Anitha Rao-Frisch

A dementia management system that changes the way dementia patients are assessed, treated and cared for.

Nikki Nigl’s ABOUT WOMEN: Nikki Nigl

ABOUT WOMEN conversational workshops are for women, by women. It’s a centralized place for women to go to hear about matters that matter to them.

NowSecure: Chee Kim

NowSecure offers mobile security solutions that protect users, devices, apps and enterprises, and its customers include some of the largest banks and corporations across industries such as finance, defense and healthcare.

Oars + Alps: Mia Saini, Laura Lisowski

E-commerce platform for men’s skincare products.

OfficeLuv: Kathryn Saluke

An office cleaning startup that streamlines and automates office supply orders and other essentials.

Omeggo’s: Janet Cobb

Omeggo’s provide an Omega-3 rich, all natural egg substitute packaged as a 1:1 ratio – 1 Omeggo to replace 1 egg in any baking recipe with no need to make other adjustments, as is necessary with most other egg substitutes.

Opportunity International: Vicki Escarra

Opportunity International provides microfinance loans, savings, insurance and training to nearly 12 million working their way out of poverty

Options Away: Heidi Brown

A startup that lets you lock-in airfare prices for days or weeks while you finalize your travel plans.

Packback: Jessica Tenuta

An online textbook rental startup that was featured on Shark Tank.

Paige & Paxton: Kelley William

A simple, effective solution for school systems seeking to implement a robust project-based STEM curriculum that infuses STEM knowledge and a STEM culture into elementary school classrooms.

Pak’d: Rebecca Sholiton

Fresh, custom school lunches delivered to families’ homes.

Paladin: Kristen Sonday

A pro bono marketplace connecting attorneys with personalized pro bono to increase access to justice

PartySlate: Julie Roth Novack

A platform that will allow people to browse and save event ideas, find spaces and connect with event pros.

Pay Your Selfie: Michelle Smyth, Kristen Holman

An app that lets you earn money by taking selfies with certain brands.

Pearachute: Desiree Vargas

A subscription service for finding activities for your kids.

PeopleFoundry: Michelle Joseph

A recruiting consultancy that equips companies with the best practices and tools to address unique hiring and retention challenges.

Pink Think: Makeda Ricketts

PinkThink creates products that encourage girls to engage in STEM, such as the cStyle codeable bracelet.

Pivotal Productions: Shannon Downey

A marketing strategy firm that combines traditional and new media.

Polymathic: Marcy Capron

Polymathic builds software for entrepreneurs solving problems, private equity firms incubating products, and established companies looking to innovate.

Power Up Tech Academy: Tamasin Ford

Power Up Tech Academy offers computer science and coding lessons for kids in elementary and middle school.

Prana Diabetes: Sindhu Rajan

A personalized diabetes prevention and management program.

PrettyQuick: Coco Meers

An online salon booking startup that was acquired by Groupon.

Project Fixup: Sarah Press

A dating app that uses a combination of humans and technology to find someone a like-minded match and coordinate a great location and convenient time for the two to meet.

Prosper Strategies: Lindsay Mullen

A marketing and communications agency for industry challengers, changemakers and groundbreakers.

Proxfinity: Christine Hutchison,  Lisa Carrel

A smart badge worn at networking events to help facilitate communication and provide event analytics to organizers.

Real Dietician: Sidonia Swarm

On-demand  access to a dietitian via phone appointments.

Realytics: Rupal Agarwal

Realytics is a marketing platform that utilizes big data to allow businesses to engage and excite their consumers through targeted and relevant messaging and precisely measure the effectiveness of those marketing campaigns.

Redmalt: Leona Liu

Premium custom fit jeans for men and women, designed, cut, sewn, and finished in Chicago.

Remodista: Kelly Stickel

A social think tank examining disruption in global retail.

Riviter: Andi Hadisutjipto

Riviter’s tech uses image recognition technology and computer vision to analyze users’ fashion pins and social media likes to offer shopping recommendations on e-commerce websites.

Run the Call: Gianna Scatchell

A real-time, location-based app that connects legal professionals in order to cover court appearances.

Rumi Spice: Kimberly Jung, Emily Miller, Carol Wang

This social enterprise sources saffron from Afghan farmers.

SAVING Grace: Grace Keller

A lifestyle management company that offers a range of services that address the needs of busy individuals, families, professionals and businesses.

Scale Down: Kate Wolin

A weight loss program that sends you a text with feedback and tips that are personalized just for you.

Schoolhound: Shima Rayej

This school data platform, rates schools based on a robust data set and proprietary rating system that that accounts for context outside of test scores and grades.

Science Solved L3C: Heather Claxton-Douglas

Science Solved connects academic researchers with software developers in an effort to make scientific discovery efficient.

Scratch Digital and Data: Molly Louthan

Scratch creates simple and powerful SaaS technologies for e-commerce companies.

Sailored: Leslie Athmer

Sailored makes nautical-themed apparel, and 15 percent of net proceeds go toward conserving the Great Lakes.

Self Me: Rosemarie Rutecki

A selfie sharing app that lets you stay on top of all the trending selfies by categories or hashtags.

SharED: Kate Geremia

This startup offers a network of shared early childhood resources for preschool educators in developing countries.

Simple Mills: Katlin Smith

Simple Mills makes almond-flour baking mixes including muffin, pancake, pizza, bread, and cookie mixes that are naturally gluten free and paleo-friendly. Genevieve Thiers

An online platform for finding babysitters, nannies and child care.

Skill Scout: Elena Valentine

Recruiting startup that helps companies find the right people by producing short videos and social recruiting campaigns to attract and find top applicants.

Smokeball: Chelsey Lambert

Software for small-sized law firms.

Soaring Solutions: Sue Koch

Social media training and coaching services.

Social Enjoyments: Leah Caplanis

Social Enjoyments offers 88 calorie, organic, gluten-free sparkling sake wines.

SocialKaty: Katy Lynch

A social media marketing agency that was acquired by Manifest Digital. Lynch is the former CEO of Techweek.

Techweek CEO Katy Lynch

SociallyAuthentic: Tracy Samantha Schmidt

A social media education consultancy.

Sporty Threads: Kristine Regan

Online women’s sports fan apparel.

SpringFour: Rochelle Nawrocki Gorey

Connects consumers to best in class local services and bringing financial health to life.

Sprk’d: Christine Mortensen

Sprk’d helps small businesses and startups get found, build trust, and spark sales through content marketing and social media.

STEM Girl Social Network: Miesha Williamson

Online platform for education videos on web-development, math, technology, and science taught by women.

StoryMix: Ariane Fisher

Crowdsourced content and automated video creation platform.

Strollers and Stilettos: Katie Lewis

Strollers and Stilettos specializes domestic staffing agency, personal assistance, event planning, education consulting, maternity concierge, baby planning and more.

Stylisted: Julia Carmona, Lauren Katzberg

In-home hair & makeup at salon prices.

Sucre Blue: Erin Little

Sucre Blue is a nonprofit healthcare organization dedicated to providing access and affordability to patients with chronic diseases in the developing world.

Sweeten the Ride: Shari Matzelle

A rideshare carpool service for athletes, supporters and volunteers attending the same marathon, triathlon or other big race.

TallentFoot: Camile Fetter Cole

An executive search firm for digital businesses.

TandemSpring: Monika Black

TandemSpring takes the strengths of the individual and leverages them to build an innovative strategy that will uniquely situation any organization in the market.

Tango Code: Veronica Buitron

A firm that builds custom applications for businesses in a variety of different industries.

TapePlay: Lindsay Austin

TapePlay helps talented high school athletes get the important exposure they need to get to the next level by matching athletes with professional videographers and providing an athlete search engine.

TapGenes: Heather Holmes

TapGenes helps you crowdsource your family’s health information, helping you understand the thread that ties your family’s health together.

Taylored Wines: Rachel Portel

Taylored Wines uses technology to pair quality driven boutique wineries with distinguished, wine focused restaurants.

TeacherCareWomen Tech Founders (WTF): Terri Brax

TeacherCare is a national agency that places private childcare teachers in family homes for customized care, child development and education; Women Tech Founders is a nonprofit media company that inspires women to use technology to reach their dreams.

TechBizGurl: Jessica Williams

Williams is a business consultant that helps female entrepreneurs conquer the first steps of starting new businesses.

TeleHealthRobotics: Sarah Doherty

World’s first telerobotic healthcare platform, performing remote, on-demand ultrasound without the need for onsite personnel.

The Eastwood Group: Elizabeth Peterson

Payments technology for startups and e-commerce companies that uses API’s and gateways so you can connect and take payments immediately, and offers all the data analytics you need so you can be smarter about your online business.

The Graide Network: Elizabeth Nell, Blair Pircon

Connects middle and high school teachers with qualified teaching assistants to grade and provide feedback on student work.

The Shift: Nicole Vasqeuz

A co-working and community space in Uptown.

The SocReports: Carol Fowler

The SocReports is a social media analytics company that lets subscribers receive highly curated, easy-to-understand social data insights each week, helping them gain followers and influence.

ThinkCERCA: Eileen Murphy, Abby Ross

An online platform designed to empower teachers to personalize literacy instruction across disciplines. ThinkCERCA helps whole school teams differentiate for engaging learning in classrooms of diverse learners.

ThinkCERCA CEO Eileen Murphy

Till School: Erin Huizenga

Till School (which opens Fall 2016) is a two-year portfolio school that aims to graduate employable design students with little to no debt.

TraknProtect: Parminder Batra

An equipment tracking and analytics solution helping provide better customer service by finding equipment quicker and managing inventory smarter.

uBack: Kaitlin Reimann

An app that connects supporters to nonprofits anytime, anywhere, making it easy to donate to their important causes.

Uprising Technologies: Regan Holt

Uprising Technology enables alumni and staff to quickly connect with one another and universities. Its social-enabled single sign-on (SSO) and private search engine for higher education serves as a central hub for university records, unifying alumni and student profiles from hosted systems, cloud applications and social media.

Urban Leash: Lina Pakrosnyte

On-demand dog walking, cat sitting, and puppy care in Chicago

VIATechnik: Danielle Dy Buncio

A fast-growing engineering organization that offers a range of Technology, Virtual Design and Construction, and Construction Administration services to architects, engineers, and contractors.

VineSprout: Nicole Duhoski

A public relations firm for tech startups.

VirtualKEY: Resha Shroff

VirtualKEY facilitates smart lock key exchanges for Airbnb, VRBO, and homeshare hosts and their guests.

VisMed3D: Dima Elissa

A global research and consulting firm utilizing a proven platform for innovative research, 3D surgical patient replica development and access solutions for healthcare and academic institutions to utilize visualization and 3D printing technology for state-of-the-art treatment and training.

Wala: Tricia Martinez
Follow @TriciaTita

A mobile savings app that helps unbanked consumers start on the path towards financial inclusion.

Wanderful: Beth Santos

A membership group to connect women travelers together by empowering them with the tools they need to go abroad and facilitating a trusted network that can help guide them in their journeys.

We Design Think: Karen Gordon

A collaborative community of creative thinkers who want to grow and improve as human-centered innovators, solution creators and collaborators

Well Turned Words; ForthChicago: Julie Schumacher

Well Turned Words is copywriting and editing service that works with independent designers and design studios on digital and print work to bring to bring a client’s message, brand or product to a wider audience; ForthChicago connects Chicago’s creative women entrepreneurs through events. It hosts quarterly private salons and also public events like panels, workshops and other gatherings.

WeSolv: Stella Ashaolu

WeSolv curates a centralized ecosystem of diverse MBA students from across the nation and top companies to create more access and opportunities for collaboration aimed at solving real business challenges.

worldevermore: Christina Ha

worldevermore eliminates barriers and inefficiencies for immigrants, lawyers, and community centers. It is an online platform for immigrants to complete translated immigration forms with visual guides and connect with lawyers, community centers, and non-profit organizations.

Write/Speak/Code: Rebecca Miller-Webster

Empowering women software developers to become thought leaders, speakers, and open source contributors.

Yakkety Yak: Ashley Logan

Yakkety Yak generates custom content marketing for small and mid-size businesses through blogs, newsletters, websites, social media, press releases and more.

Yummie Nation: Beth Peterson

Yummie Nation is a network of powerful influencers in food and lifestyle media.

Zipfit: Liz Tilatti

ZipFit uses algorithms to help men find perfect fitting jeans. The e-commerce site also offers free tailoring and free shipping.

Ziptanks (#Mood Tees, BZBox, Bullies Brand): Kaeya Majmundar

Majmundar’s Derrick Rose and Vic Mensa endorsed e-commerce ventures include a Ziptanks (tank tops that can be zipped into a bag), #Mood Tees (pop culture themed tees), BZBox (a collapsible reusable moving box), and Bullies Brand (apparel featuring Derrick Rose’s son PJ).