Techweek Chicago, the annual tech conference that takes over the city for a week every summer, culminated Friday afternoon with its regional Launch competition. Launch, which sees over 60 Chicago and national startups pitch their products and potential in front of a panel of judges, held its final round, with Aces Health taking home first place and winning a trip to Miami to compete for $50,000 at the national Launch competition in December.

Atlanta-based Aces Health is a healthcare tech startup that “develops products for the industry’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies.” The company’s BYOD (bring-your-own-device) app platform aims to save time and money in the clinical research phase of drug development, reducing overall costs of new drug delivery and making medicines more accessible to patients.

In addition to the Miami trip, Aces also won $20,000 in executive search services for hiring from Marengo Hampshire Partners and $10,000 in legal assistance from K&L Gates.

Judges for the regional competition included Rumi Morales, Executive Director with CME Ventures at CME Group, Cayla Chambers, Partner at InvestHER Ventures, and Al Barry, a Partner at K&L Gates.

Earlier in the day, LISA, a home security system that helps keep connected devices safe from cyber threats, was named the best hardware startup at Launch, winning $25,000 in services from Pounce, a high tech consulting and development company.

Below is a list of the four other Chicago startups that were named Launch finalists:

Parqex  – Parking marketplace app.

ParqEx is a platform that makes it easy and safe for owners to put their parking spots on the market, and provides drivers with immediate access to this exclusive inventory.

Shurpa – Last mile delivery.

Shurpa allows brands’ end customers to schedule parcel delivery in a one-hour window, during evening hours, when they’re actually home from work.

Schlep – On demand delivery teams

Schlep connects people with local truck owners who aren’t afraid to lift a couch or two. With scheduling options for up to a month in advance, users can pick up that Craigslist furniture whenever’s convenient for them.

MailControl – SaaS enterprise email services.

MailControl automatically detects the presence of tracking code in all incoming emails, assess and report the risk level, and disables external tracking code before they arrive in the user’s inbox. This is all done at server side so end users become protected without needing to install anything and can send and receive emails on any device or app without changing behavior.

(Image via Techweek)