Check out these great ads that were released this summer.

See a trend?

All three ads – aside from being awesome – harness user generated content to promote the respective brand. Earlier this year, UGC was named an emerging marketing trend by several industry publications and top brands – like Coca Cola and Jack Daniel’s – have executed these campaigns in the past month.

It makes sense. 80% of all online content is user generated and the majority of that content is then distributed throughout the individual’s personal network. If that content is tied to a brand, it’s free peer-to-peer advertising.

The other similarity with these ads is that they’re each for monster CPG brands, suggesting that only companies with massive marketing budgets can finance such a campaign.

Enter SparkReel, a Chicago-based startup that helps mid and smaller-size brands, like hospitals and non-profits, successfully take advantage of the UGC trend. (They also work with the big boys, too, like Verizon and Career Builder).

SparkReel’s platform allows brands to create one-off UGC campaigns, like social sweeps and contests, that incentivize consumers to create and share relevant content. Platforms can be customized to match the brand’s aesthetic and stand apart from other promotions.

Companies can also use SparkReel’s features to integrate UGC engagement into existing digital properties and landing pages. In other words, brands big and small can use SparkReel to turn customer feedback into marketing assets.

“The appeal of user generated content is that it’s approachable and trustworthy,” said Matt Gibbs, Co-founder of SparkReel. “”We really try to embody those values as a company by being not just a software provider, but a partner across the entire life of the client’s campaign. From brainstorm to completion, we want to help brands of all sizes embrace and see the power of user generated content.”

As long as SparkReel helps more brands create ads like the above, it’ll be a win for clients and consumers.