A public school, with its closed-in, labyrinthine construction and aura of structure and discipline, doesn’t necessarily scream “creative.” Yet that’s exactly where Mosaic, an experiential marketing agency, finds itself, having just moved into a former five-story CPS building in Fulton Market. However, the newly converted building is now far removed from its linoleum-floored, locker-clad, fluorescent-lighted former self.

Mosiac’s brand new 43,000 square foot Chicago office, designed by Johnson Chou Inc., is now “a bright, airy, and engaging environment where custom-designed elements foster a sense of community and spontaneous interaction.”

Explained Kevin George, President and CMO of Mosaic in an email to Chicago Inno, “Our space was designed with a focus on fostering transparency, collaboration and conversation in every corner of the building. We have a lot of light and open space with glass walls dividing rooms. It’s a design principle that was based on the culture of our company. The theme of unity permeates all floors which is critical to maintain as we continue to grow.”

The building’s location, the emerging Fulton Market neighborhood, home to Google and WeWork, is also reflective of Mosaic’s culture. “Fulton Market is fitting, with its bustling and scrappy community of early risers and hard workers,” added George. The building used to house human resource services, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, and CPS paid a $1.475 fee to terminate its lease at the address in 2014, which originally stretched through 2022.

Inside the space, one of the office’s key features are the metal mesh screens that travel throughout the office, “with perforations to allow light and motion to be realized.” The company notes that this design  “reinforces the openness of their culture,” minimize anything that may feel constrictive to the creative nature of their work.

“We are in the business of creating unforgettable experiences, which starts within these four walls,” said George. “From our event and gallery space, to interactive art installations designed by members of our team, we have created an environment that will make a memorable impression.”

Take a look inside Mosaic’s beautiful Chicago office:

Mosaic, with 6 U.S. Offices  and 4 Canadian offices, is an integrated marketing agency that specializes in experiential, retail, shopper and content marketing.

(Images via Mosaic)