15 business leaders from a variety of industries sit down with the BizCastHQ team to talk about their company, business advice they have received, their business book of choice and industry trends.

The thought leadership ranges from those who have risen among the ranks to become CEO, whereas others have been there from the beginning, as a founder. Some companies dominate their industry with a strong presence in the Chicago suburbs, while others have scaled and are well-known across the U.S.

Mark Heffron, Principal, CEDARst
Dominique Raccah, CEO and Publisher, Sourcebooks

Paul Taylor, CEO, Solving IT

Marc Baumann, President and Chief Executive Officer, SP+

Paul Pagel, Chief Executive Officer, 8th Light

Aaron Wiegel, President and Co-Owner, Wiegel Tool Works

Jeff Burgess, President, BCDVideo

Chef Shelley Young, Owner, The Chopping Block

Jeff Mullarkey, Co-Founder and CEO, RKON

Jason Green, CEO, The Cambridge Group

Todd Perlman, President, Business Technology Partners

Steve Valentor, President, RightHand Technologies

Dave Falter, CEO, Antenna International

Gaurav Issar, CEO, Allant Group

Jeff Nixon, President and COO, Highland Solutions

(Images via Bizcast)