First Lady Amy Rule, Chance the Rapper, YOUmedia student Phillip, and Library Commissioner Brian Bannon

Students on the South Side of Chicago now have access to more tech resources thanks to a new digital lab at the Woodson Regional Library.

Chicago’s First Lady Amy Rule and Chance the Rapper helped open the new space this week, which will give teens in Chicago access to tools like 3D printing and music production through the Chicago Public Library’s YOUmedia program.

Managed by the Public Building Commission, the project will also add new digital labs at the Sulzer Regional Library and Legler Branch Library.

“Expanding digital media labs to libraries throughout the City will provide more teens with opportunities to foster their creativity and nurture their talents,” First Lady Rule said in a news release. “These labs also serve as safe places for teens to stay engaged, benefit from mentorship and form lifelong friendships.”

Classes at the digital lab include games design, podcast production, video and photography, graphic design, writing workshops, 3D printing, robotics, coding, public art exploration, fashion design, and music production.

Chance the Rapper recorded his first mixtape, 10 Day, in YOUmedia’s studio at CPL’s Harold Washington Library Center.

“YOUmedia has been a tremendous resource for teenagers and young people across the whole city,” added Alderman Howard Brookins, 21st Ward. “This will serve as a magnet to bring young adults to the Chicago Public Library system to an environment of learning and enrichment.”

Image via Chicago Public Library