Chicago’s Chance the Rapper, famous for turning down offers to sign with record labels, wants to help independent rap get some airtime on mainstream radio through a new online crowd-sourced platform.

This week Chance launched Rapper Radio, a website that lets fans request songs to be played on their local radio stations through a simple platform that lets you easily send a tweet to the station. Fans type in their location, options for local rap stations pop up, and it then crafts a tweet for you, which you can send to the radio station.

So far Rapper Radio just has options to tweet No Problem and Summer Friends, both songs from Chance’s album Coloring Book. But Chance wrote on Twitter than the site “has phases” and will be tweaked, so you could imagine it adding other independent artists to the platform to help promote other unsigned rappers.

Rapper Radio was so popular this week that fans crashed the site shortly after it launched.





With an easy-to-use interface and a sleek design, Rapper Radio is an innovative move by Chance, who has risen to stardom without the help of a record deal. The platform could help radio stations better understand the demand for independent music, especially if Chance opens it up to other artists.

Image via Comcast