Donde co-founders Anthony Nicalo (left) and Fabien Allanic

A startup born in Canada, incubated in Cincinnati, and relocated to Chicago has been acquired by Mobify to help create a better mobile shopping experience for consumers.

Dónde, a location-based mobile technology that helps brands send customers targeted content like coupons and ads based on their whereabouts, was bought this week by Vancouver-based Mobify, which helps companies create better mobile e-commerce sites. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Dónde works with clients like Pizza Hut and Applebees to target digital consumers based on their location in order to increase in-store visits and purchases.

Dónde has raised just over $1 million since it launched in 2013, and its investors include Chicago Ventures, Mercury Fund, Upwest Labs and Vine Street Ventures.

“The ability to serve customers where, when and how they want has become a key differentiator for leading-edge marketers who want to set themselves apart based on a more relevant customer experience, while also learning more about their customers and what they truly want,” Anthony Nicalo, CEO of Dónde, said in a statement. “With our proven location-based technology, Mobify’s strong position as a comprehensive mobile commerce and engagement platform, and our common mission to delight customers wherever and however they shop, this is an ideal fit that is exciting for everyone.”

After launching in Vancouver in 2013, Dónde then moved to the US and was a 2013 graduate of Cincinnati startup accelerator Brandery. The startup has since relocated to Chicago, where five of its six employees will be based, according to the Cincinnati Business Journal. Nicalo will be based in Vancouver.

Mobify’s acquisition of Dónde will create what the company calls the “industry’s first mobile-centric customer engagement platform,” which will allow brands to more effectively reach shoppers, based on their location, through mobile content.

“Dónde is essential technology because it finally connects online and offline worlds by focusing on the location of the customer,” Mobify CEO Igor Faletski said in a statement. “Retailers and brands can now reach customers through mobile web, apps, social media and real-time web push notification messaging, with content personalized to locations like the city they are in and where they are in the store, as well as past behavior and preferences, bar code scans, or even current weather.”

Image via Donde