To help connect local photographers with people who need photos taken for an event, or even just a casual hang out with friends, Luis Almaraz launched Fautus, a smartphone app that’s “like Open Table for photographers.”

The free app, which launched in July, allows users to either schedule a photoshoot with a photographer or select available ones on-demand. The company advertises that users can get one photo for as low as $1.

Fautus is designed for photographers of all skills levels, said CEO Almaraz, and users pay appropriate prices for amateur and more experienced photographers.

“Each photographer sets their own price. It’s very affordable,” Almaraz said, adding that prices can also vary by time. Monday mornings may be cheaper, while a Saturday night, when events and parties are more common, is more expensive.

There are currently about 200 photographers available for hire in Chicago on the platform, and more than 1,000 users.

The app shows each photographer’s location and their rate, making it quick and simple to find and hire the kind of photographer users are looking for. Once a photographer has taken photos, users can select the photos they want and pay for them, all on the app. Users can download the photos directly onto their phones, making it ideal for promptly sharing on social media.

Currently, the company has about 10 employees and operates out of tech incubator 1871. Looking ahead, Almaraz said he is focused on expanding the company nationwide and raising $1 million in a seed funding round.