You guys, we’re spending way too much time on Facebook and Instagram.

On today’s earnings call, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg said that one of every five minutes on a mobile phone in the United States is spent on Facebook or Instagram. So, 20% of the time that we are collectively looking at our phones, we’re scrolling through one of these two apps.

In your face, everyone else developing for mobile.

This staggering stat echoed a general trend that was revealed in the earnings report – mobile is driving Facebook’s growth, and vice versa.

Whereas monthly active users (MAUs) and daily active users (DAUs) increased 13% (1.44B) and 17% (936M) respectively year-over-year, mobile MAUs and daily MAUs increased 24% (1.25B) and 31% (798M) respectively. And this has been going on for years. In 2013, mobile MAUs hit 751M, 819M, 874M, and 945M in its four quarters. Last year, Facebook’s mobile MAUs grew again each quarter – 1.008B, 1.070B, 1.124B, and 1.189B.

Also, mobile is no longer just a complimentary device for Facebook. Mobile-only monthly active users continues to skyrocket.

Yes, users are the heart of the Facebook product, but digital ads drive the revenue. On this front, mobile is king, as well. This quarter, mobile accounted for a whopping 72% of Facebook’s total ad revenue with $3.32B, up from 69% in Q4 2014 and up from 59% in Q1 2014.

Also, as Facebook continues to do more with video, mobile will play a key role in this growth. Today, more than 75% of Facebook’s video plays takes place on mobile.

So, now you know. Next time you’re on the L, it’s safe to assume that 1 of every 5 people you see using their phones is either ‘booking or ‘gramming. Woah.

(Image via Facebook’s Earning’s Call)