Billion-dollar tech companies, and the thousands of startups trying to become the next industry changers, have put a spotlight on Silicon Valley and tech culture. Digital startups are changing how we get around, where we sleep, how we shop, and where we meet new people. But from HBO’s Silicon Valley, to Audi’s new drone commercial, to this hilarious “marketplace for privilege” startup spoof, the tech boom has brought with it a fair amount of criticism and parody.

Funny or Die recently jumped in on the techie teasing with VC-The Web Series, a collection of parody videos shot in Chicago at tech incubator 1871. The series was written and created by Luke Renn, a Chicago-based actor and web designer.

The four videos posted thus far, while maybe not laugh-out-loud funny, do hit on some amusing topics like “Uber for toilet paper,” virtual reality cigarettes, and Chindian, dating app for Chinese and Indian people. And some episodes even have cameos from actual 1871 members.

You can check out each sketch below.

Uber for toilet paper



Chindian Dating App