G2 Crowd, a crowd-sourced reviews site for business software and services, announced today a $2.3 million seed round from local investors.

Chicago VenturesHyde Park VenturesTim Kopp, and more, are behind the financing, bringing the company’s total funding to $4.3 million in just over a year.

Since its launch in February 2013, over 13,000 users have contributed more than 12,000 reviews across 200+ categories. All reviewers on G2 Crowd are verified as business professionals via LinkedIn and cannot review their own product or a competitor’s product, ensuring authentic, unbiased reviews.

In other words, it’s a niche, agenda-less Yelp where the content is provided by qualified people with experience using the products that they’re commenting on. (Not that I don’t enjoy the epic troll-playground that Yelp can become, but you kind of need trusted, transparent feedback in regards to software and services that will impact your business’ bottom line).

G2 Crowd will be using the funds to accelerate growth through site development, more powerful features for software buyers, and a larger community-building team that will focus on strengthening review-content in new categories.

With the round, the site will also target more vendors that will be able to use G2 Crowd’s crowd-sourced analysis to its advantage. As the company continues to generate revenue through its data, they won’t have to resort to selling premium ads to businesses, like Yelp and other review-based sites. This way, G2 Crowd will remain completely un-biased, a core principal of the company’s mission.

(G2Crowd by Thinkmojo from Thinkmojo, Inc. on Vimeo).

Last year, an estimated $3.7 trillion was spent on IT services globally with reviews and analysis for enterprise software coming solely from larger IT Analytics firms, like Connecticut-based Gartner. With this latest round, G2 Crowd looks to disrupt this model and take a piece of Gartner’s $6.2 billion market cap.

“Innovators and disruptors are focused on making customers happy and they don’t want to wait for Gartner to recognize them,” G2 Crowd CEO Godard Abel told TechCrunch.

With G2 Crowd’s timely, transparent, and thorough reviews, smaller, newer products and services will now be able reach the marketplace faster than ever before.

(Image via G2 Crowd).