EP Purification’s ozone generator can purify water for commercial laundry and other industries.


An Illinois startup that wants to make commercial laundry greener was one of nine U.S. clean tech businesses to receive funding from the Environmental Protection Agency on Wednesday.

EP Purification, a business based in Champaign and founded at the University of Illinois, has developed technology that generates ozone for water purification. Ozone reduces the need to use hot water and chemicals to clean your laundry, and it is more efficient and cost-effective for companies like hotels and other facilities that do large amounts of laundry.

Each of the nine companies received $300,000 from the EPA. The funding is meant to help bring these technologies to the marketplace.

“The small businesses receiving awards today are innovating affordable, energy efficient technologies that are strengthening our economy and building a low-carbon future while bringing a unique vision for addressing complex environmental issues like reducing harmful emissions to create a cleaner environment and enhancing recycling processes,” said EPA Administrator McCarthy. “When we invest in research and innovation, that return on investment builds a healthy economy and a healthy environment for all of us.”

EP Purification says ozone is less harmful than chorine, bleach and other chemicals and is actually a better disinfectant. Ozone allows the water to not be heated as high, thus shortening the laundry cycle and saving energy. The technology also has the ability to replace chlorine in swimming pools, preserve the shelf-life of food, and purify water in third-world countries.

EP Purification also won $100,000 from April’s Clean Energy Trust Challenge.

Image via EP Purification