Every year, the top technology startups and companies from around the globe gather for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), a four-day event hosted by the Consumer Technology Association, which serves as a platform for companies to showcase their products.

This year’s conference runs from Jan. 9-12 in Las Vegas, and several Chicago and Illinois tech companies and startups will be exhibiting at the event.

Here’s 10 to keep an eye on:

1. Dynamism: This local tech company, founded by Douglas Krone in 1997, makes and sells 3D printers, scanners and equipment to businesses and educational institutions. Additionally, they work with colleges to provide 3D printing courses for students.

2. Etymotic Research: The company, which researches, develops and manufactures auditory devices that protect hearing, assess hearing, aid those with hearing loss and improve the listening experience, will be at CES again this year. The Elk Grove Village-based company makes products that range from BlastPLG, electronic earplugs that allow listeners to maintain normal hearing while protecting their ears from blasts and continual noises like gunfire, explosions and machinery, to MusicPRO, electronic earplugs designed for musicians.

3. HERE: The digital mapping company, based in Amsterdam and previously owned by Nokia, doubled down on its Chicago presence in 2016 as it aimed to make technology that powers autonomous vehicles. They launched in 1985 and create three-dimensional maps that help power in-car navigation systems, particularly for autonomous vehicles.

4. Modobag: This Chicago startup has created a motorized, carry-on suitcase that allows users to sit and ride it. It is built with a 24-volt lithium-powered electric motor and can travel up to 8 mph. They showed off the bag at CES last year and were also a finalist for Chicago Inno’s 2017 50 on Fire awards.

5. Occly: The local startup creates personal safety devices meant to be worn on the body that are equipped with a panic button, cameras, lighting, impact sensors, a microphone and a GPS. It is designed to protect individuals if they find themselves in dangerous areas, and an accompanying smartphone app alerts them if they are. Additionally, the tech can be converted into a home security system.

6. Personify: This Chicago-based tech company creates immersive video technology that allows users to alter live video. Their product, ChromaCam, is a Windows desktop application that works with a standard webcam and allows users to blur their backgrounds or completely remove their backgrounds, among other things. Personify also has offices in San Francisco and Vietnam.

7. Stroma Vision: Making driver-facing technology, Stroma aims to better understand driver behavior to help make semi-autonomous vehicles safer using image processing algorithms. Their technology can track driver attention, fatigue, distraction and even drunkenness. The company was founded in 2017 and operates out of 1871.

WellNest’s LED Make Up Mirror Light (Photo via WellNest)

8. WellNest: This tech startup, based in Bensville, Ill., creates smart home products that help you get a better night’s sleep. Their products include mirrors and clocks, built with therapeutic lights that use sunset and sunrise stimulation.

9. Wide Afternoon: Founded just last year, Wide Afternoon is the maker of Ovie Smarterware, a system that helps you track, remember and use the food already in the fridge. The product is slated to be available later this year.

10. Zmodo: The China-based company, who has U.S. headquarters in Champaign, Ill., is the maker of smart home and connected devices, like surveillance cameras, and smart door lights and doorbells. Its Torch Pro device, the doorbell and home light duo, was a finalist at CES 2017 in the Last Gadget Standing competition.

To see a full list of every Illinois company exhibiting at CES 2018, click here.

Katherine is a Staff Reporter at American Inno, where she covers tech and startups for the company's Chicago and Wisconsin markets. She holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Columbia College Chicago, and her work has appeared in Modern Healthcare, Crain's Chicago Business, and The Detroit News. She joined Inno in 2017. Email: kdavis@americaninno.com