Want to work for one of the hottest startups in the country? LinkedIn put together a list of the most in-demand industry disruptors, and three Chicago companies cracked the list.

On LinkedIn’s Top Companies | Startups list, it set out to find the top 50 startups where professionals want to work the most. It examined things like employee growth, job seeker interest from views and job applications, and how often LinkedIn users engage with companies and their employees—like how often people click on individual employees’ profiles.

The three Chicago startups to make the list: G2 Crowd (20), Uptake (26), and Sprout Social (36).

Those names probably aren’t surprising to close followers of the Chicago tech scene, as they’re three of the most well-known and fastest-growing startups in the Windy City.

G2 Crowd, which provides verified user reviews for software and services (think Yelp for business software) has amassed more than 250,000 reviews since launching in 2012. The startup has raised $50 million in capital from investors like Accel and the Pritzker Group.

Uptake, a predictive analytics startup from Groupon founder Brad Keywell, has been one of Chicago’s hottest startups and is valued at $2 billion. It’s helping old-school companies in rail, mining and energy predict when there machines will fail. The company has raised around $150 million since launching in 2014.

Sprout Social, launched in 2010, is a social media management platform that helps companies maximize their presence across multiple social media networks. The company has nearly 20,000 brands using its platform. Sprout has raised $61 million to date.

The top 10 companies on LinkedIn’s top startups list are:

  1. Uber
  2. Airbnb
  3. WeWork
  4. Lyft
  5. Slack
  6. NIO
  7. Rubrik
  8. Dropbox
  9. Houzz
  10. Convoy

You can read the full list here.